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AAAaaaggghhh ZOMBIES!!!… Because Zombies Sell

AAAaaaggghhh ZOMBIES!!!… Because Zombies Sell
By Jeff Ferree
Hosted by Rob ward
Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival – Jamie Mykins Theatre

Positives about this show: it involves Zombies, its free, you might get intimate with someone, and its short enough to allow you to hit the next show in two minutes provided it’s in the Shakespeare Center. Negatives about this show: You run out of oxygen about the time it’s complete, you might become intimate with someone you don’t want to be intimate with, the jokes are terrible, and the plot is pretty much you hitting a Zombie with a rubber hose. OK, that last statement was a bit unfair, it ignores Captain Planet’s appear for a job, a dance number by a famous doll celebrity zombie, and a reasonably scary Zombie Puppet On A Stick Thing. There’s audience interaction, besides the forced intimacy issues, we do get to beat on ZPOAST with kazoos and zombie kill sticks. Then, and only then, we are permitted our oxygen rations. Defending Earth – its hard work, and not for the claustrophobic.

This show is part of the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. Tickets and other information may be found at http:\\


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