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Archikulture Digest

by Carl F Gauze

Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical

Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical
By Bob Walton and Jim Walton
Directed by Michael Edwards
Musical direction by Chris Leavy
Winter Park Playhouse
Winter Park FL

It’s so cute watching middle aged people complaining about getting old. Like they didn’t know it was coming… Yeah, we all age, but at least this show offers a path to aging with some grace and humor. Sure, there are prostate jokes and “can’t find my glasses” humor and for goodness sake, an actual “sex with sheep joke.” Just what is this world coming to? No one has on-stage names; we are down to our AARP number and the cast goes by clever monikers like “Woman 1” and “Man 3.” Knowing the cast from other projects sure helped me but I keep forgetting the tall blonde’s name. She’s friendly and always hugs me so why complain?

Songs are split among all possible combinations of singers; there’s a strong ensemble opener “Lies!” Later the guys get together for “Weekend Warrior” where Glen Gover, Shawn Kilgore and Todd Alan Long all warm up for the middle aged basketball tournament. Fortunately they never takes the court. One thing I’ve observed about age: Guys should NOT play B-Ball with youngsters. You’d be surprised how useful functioning knees are.

HEATHER! Yes, HEATHER ALEXANDER. That’s her name. Blond. Hugs a lot. Curtain speeches. The tall blonde one. It’s so obvious now that I remember. She belts it with Krista Leona Anderson and redheaded Lourelene Snedeker for “He Got What He Deserved.” That song is tonight’s other racy admission; it seems all vows are not equally sacred. A sad segment “The Long Goodbye” had these middle agers taking even older parents to the park on a “Play Date;” next the company reunited for “I’m Not Ready.” Too bad, the system ain’t stopping and backing up just for you. Alternately funny then touching, you don’t have to be old to appreciate the fine singing and sometimes silly humor on this stage, but it doesn’t hurt.

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