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Paris Hilton’s Storage Unit of Delights!

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Remember that storage unit that Paris Hilton lost? The one whose contents were auctioned off because she forgot to pay a $200 bill? Well, apparently the long delay was due to the relentless curating of all that stuff. It’s come out that this was a 6,000 square foot storage unit. That’s about three times the size of your average 4-bedroom house, for those who are not stupid enough to use the English system.

Lookin’ Stupid Paris!Anyway. The entire contents of Hilton’s storage unit are available for digital perusal online at Paris Exposed. The idea is that you subscribe to gain access to all of Paris’ photos, videos, receipts, bank statements, medical records. I’ll probably pass on that, but the quick tour is pretty amusing, including a picture of a man with a kilo of coke on his chest. “Remember, this is not stuff about Paris Hilton — this is Paris Hilton’s stuff!”