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Bobby “Boris” Pickett: 1938 – 2007

Bobby “Boris” Pickett died today at the senseless age of 69. The culprit? Leukemia. Leucrappia, if you ask me.

Pickett, of course, wrote and recorded “Monster Mash,” the ultimate Halloween anthem and, in my opinion, mankind’s second greatest achievement (the first being Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher”). I mean, come on – with one singular Boris Karloff impression, Bobby Pickett gave birth to goth, black metal, and horror rap. These are truths that cannot be denied.

I saw Bobby “Boris” Pickett once, in concert. He was the surprise guest at the Gluecifer show I attended in October of 2005. Suddenly, between bands, this old codger sauntered out on stage in a lab coat. It wasn’t immediately clear what was happening; was this the Vincent Price resurrection as foretold by the prophets? Before I could shit a brick, the fossil spoke:

“Every year they drag me out to sing this song,” he said, or something like that. I still had no idea what was going on. After some more stage patter (including a hilarious dig at Elvis I wish I could remember), the “Mash” began and it all made sense. Bobby “Boris” Pickett, in the house at the Gluecfier show. I’m guessing there wasn’t much to talk about backstage – they don’t have Halloween in Norway, and they don’t have Gluecifer at the retirement home.

But I kid the recently deceased mother of all one hit wonders. You did humanity proud, Bobby. If not for you, Marilyn Manson would have no career. I bet that gets you the cloud of your choice with optional Anna Nicole angel. Enjoy it.


2 Responses to “Bobby “Boris” Pickett: 1938 – 2007”

  1. Chris Says:

    I was at that show. It was a Rocket from The Crypt show. Rocket’s last show ever on the east coast and Gluecifer was an opener. It was the last Gluecifer show. Little Steven’s Underground Garage Halloween show. Handsome Dick Manatoba of the Dictators was the MC. Boris was a super cool surprise. I have photos somewhere since I was there shooting the show for a magazine. Sad loss way too young.

  2. izruk Says:

    das ist mehr als nur grubenschnitzel
    gefunden über 365 dp

    and i like it -ohne es zu verstehen-
    wie finnische volksmusik

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