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I never knew women’s soccer was like MMA!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Check out the highlights between New Mexico State and BYU here:¬†. Punching, kicking, hair-pulling, tripping, it’s all there! This player should be dismissed from the team and not allowed to play soccer collegiately again. Your thoughts?

Belichek’s worst call was not going for it on 4th & 2…

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

…it was not sending his team out on the field prepared when that drive started. Tom Brady called a time out BEFORE 1st down! The clock had stopped because the possession had changed. There is no reason to call a timeout, unless you are unprepared. After the kickoff, the offense should already have the play, the offensive coordinator/head coach should have the right players on the field and the team should be ready to roll.

Instead, the Patriots were confused and appeared to not have the right people on the field. So with the clock already stopped and Brady & Co. ready to close out the game, New England instead goes out on the last drive and uses two time outs in 30 seconds, one with the clock stopped and then to make up for it, goes for it on 4th and 2 on their own 28 yard line.

Maybe Coach Belichek learned his lesson…never dare Peyton Manning to beat you, because he will.

Argue with an official: $20,000 fine. Punch another player in the face: $7,500?

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler was fined $20,000 for arguing with an official last weekend during the Bears game against the Arizona Cardinals. Not a big deal really, except his teammate DT Tommie Harris was fined $7,500 for cold-cocking Cardinals OT Deuce Lutui…65 seconds into the first quarter! It was the third play of the game! Lutui was blocking Harris and somehow Lutui ended up on his stomach. As Harris was getting to his knees, he wound up and punched him right in the facemask. Now, there is a good chance that Harris ended up getting hurt worse than Lutui since facemasks don’t tend to give much, but the NFL is sending a bad message with the discrepency in fines.

Why does arguing with an official warrant a fine that is almost three times the amount levied when you punch another player. I know that football is an inherently violent game, but that’s all out rage. The players have to have¬†some control. Harris could have really hurt Lutui had the latter not been wearing a helmet at the time. What real damage could Cutler have done? Hurt an official’s ego? They aren’t supposed to have egos. In fact, I think that’s part of the referee’s training. Check your self-worth at the door. I just think that the fines should have been reversed. Harris’s punch could’ve been much more damaging than Cutler’s temper-tantrum.

Hello world!

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Hello sports world! This blog is not your typical sports blog with witty commentary (hopefully) on the latest in the world of sports, also give more depth to the stories and why they are particularly newsworthy. So, now that we are done with the ice breakers, join me diving headfirst into the headlines.