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CD Review – Foster the People

Monday, September 19th, 2011


Columbia Records

The ascention of Foster the People and their smash hit “Pumped Up Kicks” has been nothing short of astounding. For all intents and purposes, they should still be hovering in the indie world with hipsters yelling how they “know this great band that no one has ever heard of.” Now they are yelling how the band sold out because they are mainstream. Foster the People has taken a fast-track to the high-life. Torches is just their debut album and already it is infecting the nation.

“Pumped Up Kicks” may be the song that put them on the map, but it’s songs like the equally dancable and catchy “Helena Beat” and “Houdini” that keep listeners coming back and endear them to the relatively new group.

Foster the People know how to get the dance floor moving and their dance-pop is instantly accessible. Torches is one of the best debuts of the year and has not only put this trio on the map, but thrust them straight into the mainstream spotlight. And they deserve it.