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Remain Uninvited

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Despite the onslaught of tv advertising, please send a message to the movie industry and skip the new film The Uninvited.   Do yourself a favor and pick up the DVD of the Korean original A Tale of Two Sisters.

I personally find it insulting that in the US we are not deemed worthy of seeing foreign films in theaters (at least not in wide release) but instead are subjected to Americanized remakes, which never stack up to the original.  From Ju-on/The Grudge to Ringu/The Ring to One Missed Call to The Eye, Asian horror is a hit on DVD and I have to imagine that a wide release of a Japanese or Korean horror film has to be much cheaper than a remake with a massive publicity budget.

Happy Birthday Tippi Hedren

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Tippi Hedren is 79 today.  She starred in two of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films; The Birds and Marnie.  Hedren was famous for being an object of obsession for for Hitchcock and along with Kim Novak and Grace Kelly embodied his ideal icy blonde.

Tippi’s daughter Melanie Griffith was named after her character in The Birds, Melanie Daniels.

Amazing poster.  The pulp novel artwork is antithetical to the film, but who wouldn’t want to see it after glimpsing this poster?