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It’s not religious freedom

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Weekly Standard: Obamacare Vs. The Catholics

It is now a requirement of Obamacare that every Catholic institution larger than a single church? — and even including some single churches — must pay for contraceptives, sterilization, and morning-after abortifacients for its employees. Each of these is directly contrary to the Catholic faith. But the Obama administration does not care. They have said, in effect, Do what we tell you — or else.

Exactly. In regulating an insurance business decision- and that is all that this is- the critics of Obama see the end of civilization. The fact that no one actually told the Catholic church what to believe apparently doesn’t sink in to the professional victims crowd. In essence, the ruling states that if you sell insurance, then you must be bound by certain laws. If you find those rules too harsh, or not in keeping with your beliefs, then you certainly don’t have to obey them. Just quit selling insurance. For those of us more inclined to reality than Catholics, its not really a that big of a deal.

What if instead of discriminating against women with their ban on offering contraception, what if it were gays? But the same argument made by Catholics to discriminate against women could easily be made against gays. After all, discriminating against homosexuality is the very air that Bill Donahue, Rick Santorium and Michelle Bachmann breathe- and don’t believe that they haven’t thought about “banning the gay”. And if this nation really was a “Christian Nation” in reality instead of their fevered minds, they’d probably do it.

But they can’t. Discrimination does not hide behind the skirts of “religious freedom”, no matter how passionately Fox News bellows. The Catholic church is, just like all of us, free to believe any silly notion it wants. And like us their ability to “swing their fists” ends before they touch my face. But if they want to engage in a business, then you have made the decision to accept the rules of society. What you “believe” means absolutely nothing. You are selling a product, and that product is regulated by the government. You might find the Bible gives you license to tell a woman what she can do with her body- but not everyone does (in fact, not even Catholics believe it). Religion has nothing to do with it.

And if you don’t like it, move. I hear Uganda is nice this time of year.

Rick Santorum, meet Alex Chilton.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

A freshman student pressed Santorum on healthcare. “With all due respect Sen. Santorum, I don’t think God appreciates the fact that we have 50-100 thousand uninsured Americans dying due to a lack of healthcare every year,” said Ryan Walters, according to CNN.

After questioning the student on his numbers, Santorum rejected them. “I reject that number completely, that people die in America because of lack of health insurance. People die in America because people die in America. And people make poor decisions with respect to their health and their healthcare,” he said. “And they don’t go to the emergency room or they don’t go to the doctor when they need to. And it’s not the fault of the government for not providing some sort of universal benefit.”

Rick Santorum, meet Alex Chilton.

Oh yeah. You can’t. He died in 2010.

At least twice in the week before his fatal heart attack, Chilton experienced shortness of breath and chills while cutting grass. But he did not seek medical attention, his wife Kersting said, in part because he had no health insurance.

On the morning of March 17, she went to work. Chilton called her after suffering another episode; she arrived home before the ambulance, and drove him to the hospital. He lost consciousness a block from the emergency room, after urging Kersting to run the red light.

Alex Chilton was the leader of Big Star, one of the most influential American bands ever. Before that he was the singer for the Box Tops, you’ll remember them from “The Letter” and “Cry Like A Baby”. Chilton lived a hard life, and smoked, and unlike your American Idol wannabes, he never made much money doing what he did so well.

Rick Santorum, on the other hand, between being a lawyer and a Senator, probably had earned outrageous amounts of money. Add in his moronic Presidential campaign, where he’s gotten donations of over 800k- not a lot by Obama and Bush standards, but it ain’t chump change. For what? Rick Santorum is a hate mongering, homophobic theocrat who’s idea of a better America looks a lot like Iran or China. He stands no hope at all of being elected- to anything, at any time, thanks to Dan Savage- but still he gets invited to the debates, so that he can spew his warped sense of right and wrong to the people who cheer capital punishment and jeer gay soldiers. We won’t go into his views on gay rights, other than to say his views are at best misguided and un-Christian. But his recent statements on health care in this country goes a long way to summing up what sort of man Santorum is. To dispute the claim that upwards of 100,000 people die in this country due to lack of health insurance means he’s either stupid- and he’s given ample evidence to that in the past. Or he’s lying, and as I’ve always said, if you have to lie to make your point, you don’t have a point to make. Rick Santorum has undoubtedly had health insurance his entire life, first from his law firm, and then you and I picked up the tab when he was a Senator.

On the other hand, I doubt if Alex Chilton was covered at any point in his life. No musician I know, at least those who make their living solely by performing and recording, has insurance. Barely a month goes by without a plea for donations or a benefit for someone down on their luck with cancer or in a car wreck. It’s tragic, and in a nation so blessed with wealth, its wrong. But as Calvin Coolidge correctly noted, “The business of America is business”, and to that, our health care system is a profit center, putting stock prices first and patient care last. Lying fools such as Santorum and the jackals of Fox trumpet that our health care is second to none, but its not. In fact, by any ranking, we’re about the lowest among Western countries. Our life expectancy is 42nd, and we can barely manage to keep children alive to their teenage years. The people who claim otherwise are making money off it, nothing else. Rick Santorum included. And Rick Santorum will continue to spew his perverted brand of hatemongering as long as the donor dollars continue to roll in, and when Obama is elected again, he’ll go back to being a lawyer or a dinner speaker, and have more kids (he has 7 now).

Alex Chilton, on the other hand, died because he didn’t have health insurance. He’s not going to have any more kids. Or write another song as beautiful as Big Star’s “Thirteen”. He’ll never belt out a New Orleans classic in a smokey bar at 2am. He’ll never do any of that. Because he’s dead. I’m going to Memphis this weekend, home to Big Star, and I’m gonna raise a glass to the memory of Alex Chilton. And when I get rid of the beer, that will be my tribute to Rick Santorum.

“The Iraq war is mine, yours, ours”…Not so fast.

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Henry David Thoreau was jailed in 1846 due in part to his refusal to pay a poll tax, because of its use in funding the Mexican-American War. From this experience he wrote The Rights and Duties of the Individual in relation to Government or as it is known today, Civil Disobedience. I wonder what Thoreau would have to say about this CNN op-ed, by Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq veteran, and the founder and executive director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, entitled The Iraq war is mine, yours, ours. In it Rieckhoff writes:

Whether one agreed with the Iraq war or not, we all own it now. That’s how our country works. Every single brave man and woman who wore the uniform overseas went over there wearing the American flag, representing us and our nation’s ideals.

I’m not Thoreau, just someone touched by his message. I find it reprehensible the statement “…representing us and our nation’s ideals.” My ideals do not include the invasion of a country based on lies. My ideals don’t involve regime change based on the whims of defense contractors. My ideals -and my flag- don’t include murdering innocents because of their religion and/or their geographic relationship to oil. My ideals cannot tolerate Abu Ghraib, the war crimes of Fallujah, or the endless destruction and loss of life that our debacle in Iraq continues to cause.

In Civil Disobedience Thoreau writes:

How does it become a man to behave toward this American government today? I answered that he cannot without disgrace be associated with it.

162 years later, and the disgrace continues. There is no reason to debate the Iraq war again. It was a mistake, a tragedy, and a farce- but I had nothing to do with it, because I had no input in the decision. I voted for no one who wanted to continue it, I marched against it before it began, and I wrote about the horrors and the depravity as it was on going. As much I as could- short of not paying my taxes- I resisted. When I see the “Support Our Troops” stickers I cringe. For those who were forced by our economic system of inequality to enlist, and then suffered brain injury and more because of it, I can understand, somewhat, the rational behind the action, and I feel for you.

But those who convinced themselves that “America’s Way Of Life” needed defending in the sands of some Middle East desert by waging a war against Islam and any other dark-skinned people we could find, fuck that. My nation’s way of life wasn’t impacted – except in the propagandist media – by Iraq. No one sent a scud or piloted a drone remotely so I could vote. Or exercise my free speech. Iraq didn’t threaten me or my country, and anyone who says different is either paid to say it, or a stooge for American Exceptionism, which is even worse. In fact, I’m 49 years old, and no war fought by my country in my lifetime has been a legitimate use of the American war machine. Not Vietnam, not Iraq, not Afghanistan. They were fought because men made money doing it. No other reason. So Paul Rieckhoff, you can keep the war. You made it possible, I didn’t. You made a salary fighting it, I didn’t.

Thoreau said: Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one.

It’s not my war.

When wrong doesn’t matter

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Everybody knows at least one. A friend or family member who forwards you ridiculous emails, generally about one world government or Obama taking your guns away- he’s not, btw- or posts equally stupid crap on Facebook that makes you, by association in public, appear to be in solidarity with whatever nonsense their fevered brains cook up between World Nut Daily and Fox “News”. You can delete the emails or turn off their wall in Facebook, but still it leaks through. You can attempt to reply, but the true believers will never be convinced by mere facts, not when “FREEDOM!” or “LIBERTY!” is at stake- and they eventually make every argument boil down to that. For example, Michelle Obama wants to take away your breadsticks, don’t ya know? Probably the first step in the Obama plan of having us eat Soylent Green. You can go on and on, but I have to keep my blood pressure low, so I won’t.

But one of the most infuriating biases you run up against is the conservative manta that global warming or climate change is all a big hoax meant not to save the planet from its most meddlesome inhabitants, but rather a cunningly devised scheme to ban capitalism. Not that capitalism doesn’t deserve it, in a way- eat any shrimp from the Gulf recently? But any mention of cap and trade, or increasing car mileage standards gets the Hannity’s and the Cato Institute in a uproar, and they go on for hours about “evil liberals” and their “environmental activism” that is ruining life here in “…the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the earth.” Now, I recycle and drive a hybrid, so apparently I too want to ban capitalism, by their fractured logic. Funny, I thought I did it to actually reduce my impact on the world. Gosh, I’ve been duped by those evil treehuggers!

Earlier in the week a friend posted this:

with “The picture says it all…” atop it. Now, the gist of the picture is that anytime large amounts of “liberals” get together, they trash the place. You heard the same charge after protesters filled the Wisconsin capital, and it was equally erroneous. The picture above, near as I can tell, is the aftermath of Occupy Oakland, after the police fired upon non-violent protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. When you’re running for your life, you don’t have time to take down your tent. The police did that for you, after the park was cleared, by flattening the protesters personal property in a “search for contraband”. So much for the “picture says it all”- as long as the image can be used for propaganda, it will.

Well here’s an image that Sean Hannity won’t like:

That’s Miami. See, to some Floridians, climate change isn’t a myth, its actually happening in their front yards:

“Kipness says he never saw such flooding until a decade ago, but now sees it up to twice a day during the fall, when tides are especially high. He says he’s watched the undersides of $100,000 cars get rusted away by salt water.

This happens, many experts say, because of rising sea levels attributed to the melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. We can expect to see more of the same across South Florida in the coming years, as a warming climate accelerates the faraway melting. Researchers are just now beginning to grapple with what this will mean for the inner workings of the city.”

Cable news was all over the “climategate” myth, all smug and self-righteous that they had vindication of a hoax. But when Richard Muller, a former “skeptic” on climate change published “The Case Against Global-Warming Skepticism” in the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Show found that the 24 hours a day cable news organizations could only devote 27 seconds to the piece. Doesn’t matter the damage they did trumpeting disinformation, just so long as their rhetoric continued. Who cares about the facts? In an age where human beings are undoubtedly the most educated they have ever been, we still have to suffer from religious extremists “debating” evolution, or quoting fairy tales from a book of mythology to deny gay rights. Facts are open to bidding- and the Murdoch’s of the world, they have deep pockets. Maybe when the underside of their Mercedes gets rusted from saltwater in South Beach, they’ll come around.

Of course, then it’s most likely too late.

Please shut up!

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Since I’ve been at home for the last month, I’ve wasted way too much time on the net. Do this too long and you get overloaded with information, so that you wouldn’t know a good idea if it bit you on the ankle. But one thing I can tell you without any fear of being contradicted- there are a lot of foolish, foolish people out there, who, in our age of “If I say it, it must be so!”, distrust of reality, 24/7 vomit of opinion think that whatever they have to say is, um…relevant. Before the internet and cable news these people were confined to the fringes of society- a sort of Hazel Motes you might say. No more.

To change the beliefs of an entire community, only 10 percent of the population needs to become convinced of a new or different opinion, suggests a new study. At that tipping point, the idea can spread through social networks and alter behaviors on a large scale.

That’s scary stuff. Combine that with the never-ending barrage of propaganda from cable news being pumped everywhere, you can see how the most idiotic of notions gets a foothold in our national discourse- particularly if there’s money to be made. Now, I could devote a full, thoughtful piece to each of the following, but really, I think I’ll cut to the chase.

If you’re attempting to teach “creationism”, deny climate change, or think that homosexuals “choose” who they’re attracted to (but some how you didn’t pick yours, imagine that), oh, shut up. There’s a nifty fact about science- it has a self-correcting aspect build in it. It’s called testing. If one scientist decides to make the claim that huffing Marlboro’s doesn’t cause cancer, then a score of other scientists will test it, find that in fact, smoking kills you, and move on. No matter how great your faith is (which must again be noted, is defined as “believe in things not seen”), no matter how many episodes of PTL club you preach it on, science will always “win”. The Dali Lama once said “If science proves some belief of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will have to change.” Buddhism gets it, wonder when the rest of the world will accept it? Until then, please shut up.

One of the greatest things about how our country was setup is the notion of “one man, one vote”. A great amount of bloodshed and struggle led to it, and it’s a cornerstone of our democracy. Everyone gets to do it, even blacks. Or women. Or poor people. So Matthew Vadum, Registering them to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals,” , please shut up. Go find a island and you can be a king and let anyone vote or not, but here in America, your idea is repugnant. Then again, look at what network let him say it.

The only people who want you to be concerned- and give up your rights and tax dollars for “national security” about Muslims and “Sharia” are people who stand to profit from your misconceptions. If we haven’t made this a Christian nation in 222 years or so, despite the majority of people who proclaim themselves as such, how would you think that Muslims, who only account for 2% of our population, would do it? So Frank Gaffney, Alan West and all the other “Sharia scaremongers”, please shut up. Your continued employment may well rest on feeding disinformation to the fearful rabble, but it doesn’t make it accurate- or any less vile.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. You could fill a dozen columns like this, but frankly, who’s has the time- or the stomach? There are far more pressing things in the world that we could be doing instead of this- go find them. Turn off the internet, read a book. Take a walk. Volunteer. But if you want to fill the world with disinformation, bigotry and hatred, please shut up. We’ve certainly had enough.

“A trend of lying and cheating in this country”

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

So sayth Bill O’Reilly…who then goes on to prove it.

Look, once the public school system embraced secularism, Moses and his crew with the Ten Commandments were banished.”

For the record- something you’ll never rely upon Fox News to provide, but just so we’re clear, the event to which Captain Morality is referring to is the Atlanta school cheating scandal, in which 178 educators were found to have changed students answers on standardized tests in order, in part, to qualify for federal cash via programs such as No Child Left Behind. No students have been cited as participating– a fact that O’Reilly and his minions undoubtedly knew. But never one to let mere facts get in the way of his culture warring, O’ Reilly lays the blame for the scandal on, you guessed it, not enough Jeebus. Not the drive to compete in the score-oriented, students be damned world of “teaching the test”, not the immense ego of Superintendent Beverly Hall and those under her who wanted to shine in the academic world for higher salaries, none of that. Nope, it was because we didn’t teach kids about Moses.

The funniest part of this is, of course, that O’ Reilly blathers this nonsense as his employer, Rupert Murdoch, stands poised to watch his media empire crumble- because he cheated and lied. The entire reason for the existence of Fox News and the rest of the Murdoch empire is to funnel cash into Rupert’s pockets. If he has to gin up a few wars for the United States, paint Obama as a “jobs killing Marxist” or delete the voicemails of a dead girl, if it made Murdoch- and those contemptible enough to work for him money, well, that was all the morality necessary.

But it really gets good when the contractually required airhead blonde starts to babble:

“I think it’s getting worse,” Crowley remarked. “I think with the proliferation of media, too, you get an echo chamber where kids out there, okay, see people in authority, whether it’s the president, whether it’s members of Congress, Anthony Weiner or Barack Obama saying I’m going to cut the deficit my first term and blows it out of control. Or if they see O.J Simpson walking away committing a double homicide, getting away with it, Casey Anthony. They are learning the lesson of what they see out there in the culture. They are constantly thinking, ‘Hey, I could get away with it too.’

Let’s take a glance at this unremarkable for Fox statement:

I think with the proliferation of media…” The Murdoch media empire is the largest on Earth, so the “echo chamber” was by design. A carefully crafted house of falsehoods, slander and criminal activity- to sell newspapers and TV ads.

“Anthony Weiner or Barack Obama…O.J. Simpson…Casey Anthony” Lets link in the viewers minds Democrats and murderers, just in case you hadn’t been watching the previous 23.5 hours of the day. Of course, no mention of the lies of George “WMD” Bush, John “Hush money for mistresses” Ensign, or the score of other GOP lying sacks of crap.

“They are learning the lesson of what they see out there in the culture.”
To wit, it’s ok to lie a nation into war, torture isn’t really torture, and if you raise taxes on the top 1% of the population, the world will end, but teachers, cops, and infrastructure, they’re expendable, and if you happen to bring this up, you’re engaging in “class warfare”.

“They are constantly thinking, ‘Hey, I could get away with it too.’” O’Reilly, how about you ask Dr. George Tiller about that one. Oh right, you can’t- in part because you ramped up the rhetoric about “Nazi stuff” and how Tiller was a “murderer on the loose”…until he wasn’t anymore, right Bill? Or perhaps Glenn Beck’s obsessions that in part drove Byron Williams to try and start a revolution by traveling to San Francisco and killing people of importance at the Tides Foundation and the ACLU. “I would have never started watching Fox News if it wasn’t for the fact that Beck was on there. And it was the things that he did, it was the things he exposed that blew my mind.”

Indeed, we have a trend of lying and cheating in this country. You can see it in every waiting room, on every wall of televisions in every Wal Mart. It’s called Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. O’ Reilly, heal thyself…or step off the edge of a building. Either would be a good start to eradicating this “trend of cheating and lying.”

The Shock Doctrine comes home

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

I was fascinated to read Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine and its gripping saga of “disaster capitalism”, which can be quickly summed up as “making money out of misery”. Born from the ideas of legendary economist and poster boy for selfishness, Milton Friedman, you basically create a situation wherein a large amount of money is needed for basic survival, and offer it- with strings. The strings include privatization of natural resources, suspension of regulations relating to business, and usurious interest rates. From the 1971 coupe in Chile to the fall of the Soviet Union, the first guys on the scene (because they generally stage-managed the event to begin with) are carrying calculators, keeping a running total of just how much is available, and how cheaply can they get it. Of course, you needn’t create the disaster- your basic Katrina or tsunami will work just fine to give the money men an in, it only matters that the society you’re attempting to rob blind be on its knees- or at least, they think they are.

Welcome to America, the firesale, 2011.

If you were to only listen to our national media, you would think this country consists of nothing but unemployed losers getting tossed out of their house. We apparently don’t have the money to fund police in Texas, or women’s healthcare in New Hampshire, heck, the entire state of Minnesota is seemingly too broke to even stay open.

Its all bullshit, of course.

Our country is grotesquely wealthy- or at least some parts of it are. Defense contractors are doing swell, and nobody running a hedge fund seems to be using WIC vouchers to get their pate’. House Republicans- who raised the debt ceiling seven times under George Bush – suddenly don’t want to pay out the money they themselves voted to spend- which sounds mighty close to dereliction of duty to me. They are abetted by Goldman Sach’s boy at the top, Barry O, who is hectoring irate Democrats to shut their yaps about chipping away at Social Security, despite the fact that Social Security has absolutely nothing to do with the debt limit, and is fully funded until at least 2036.

When I read Klein’s book, I found it fascinating to watch how countries reacted to getting raped and robbed, and wondered what America would do. Apparently, we haven’t noticed yet, since a white girl killed her baby or something. Of course, we didn’t say anything when families from the Lower Ninth Ward were loaded into buses during Katrina and scattered across country, so that developers could walk off with their property for pennies. We didn’t say much when that pasty white fuck governor in Wisconsin, with a Koch brother’s hand on the back of his head, stripped the public unions of what little power they had, and forced the state into economic turmoil simply to give tax dollars to his rich backers. By the time the recall process up there finally works, he and his buddies will be sitting pretty on the wealth of his citizens, and we’ll have yet another failed state on the flag. Doubt that will matter much to the likes of Eric Cantor, who will actually make money if the US defaults on its debt– which, to my way of looking at it, is enough to force him to step down immediately. Then again, we have a court system stocked with theocratic jackwads from Liberty U and big business buttsuckers like “Who Me, Corrupt?” Clarence Thomas, so our recourse ain’t gonna be via the courts.

There’s always voting, right? Funny how the very people most likely to be effected by this faux crisis are the very ones most at risk for losing their right to vote, funny that is, until you realize that people actually sit down and write laws to keep the elderly, the poor and minorities from exercising their most basic right in this nation. Despicable. And even if you manage to vote, what will it get ya?

Barack Obama.

Oh, it was change all right. Instead of getting fucked by the right, you get sodomized by the left. He’s not a Marxist, he’s worse- he’s a Friedman. When our nation faced a economic crisis brought about in large part by uncontrolled defense spending and lax regulations of Wall Street, what did he do? Started more wars, and tossed bags of cash at bankers. Instead of actually doing something progressive about health care, he gave us mandates- and hints at raising the benefit age for Medicare.

I drive around metro Atlanta and see cars already sporting “OBAMA 2012” stickers, and I just have to wonder…does the man actually have to come into your home and hold you up at gunpoint before you get it? The Shock Doctrine leads, apparently, to the Stockholm Syndrome.

An errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

Friday, July 8th, 2011

These three possibilities provide a kind of Rorschach test for one’s views of the administration – Obama is either a Manchurian progressive, the capitulator-in-chief, or is cunningly playing the game two steps ahead of the crowd.”

Funny, isn’t it, how people scramble over themselves to attempt to “understand” the actions of Obama. From DADT to his latest salvo, the “putting everything on the table” – including that previous “third rail” of Social Security- the left keeps wringing its hands, wondering where that progressive icon you convinced yourself you elected went.


First, while he might have mouthed appropriate leftist statements re: gays, or Iraq, or torture, he’s a politician. Hence, it’s all bullshit, fed to fools, in order to fill time on TV. He meant exactly none of it- or some, who knows, but in any event, all of that stuff are simply fringe issues to why he was hired. Because you and I didn’t “elect” Obama, he was hired to do a job by money. Marlon Brando said it perfectly in Apocalypse Now:

You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.

That bill is your money. It’s the taxes you spent on roads that never get repaired. It’s the taxes you paid that fund wars that enriches money, and money only. It’s the deductions from your paycheck every week to Social Security, soon to be pilfered. It’s the bill due for the off-shoring of our manufacturing base for the short-term gain of money. Money is simply hoovering the last scraps off the table of America like a glutton at an all you can eat buffet.

Corporate profits are way up, tax rates are at the lowest since the ’50s, the stock market is rosy- somebody is making money. Your money. Democrats reacted as expected to the floating of the Social Security notion, squealing in impotent outrage at the latest turn of the screw against the common man. But its all sound and fury, signifying nothing. If money wants social security gutted as yet another slush fund for hedge fund operators to gorge themselves on, so it shall be. Be thankful he hasn’t written an executive order nationalizing your 401k. Of course, he might wait until you blinded, “better than the GOP at least” lemmings re-elect him to actually steal that, but he will.

And to this notion that Obama is somehow a better option than say, Michelle Bachmann? Sure, he might not want to outlaw porno and put gays actually in jail, but otherwise? He’s jailed more whistle blowers than Bush, raided more medical marijuana facilities than ever before, and decided one afternoon to wage war against Libya all on his own. He should be impeached, of course, but if we didn’t bother to try against the Bush/Cheney regime, we certainly haven’t enough sac to try it now.

Our nation since Reagan has become an increasing cruel and insane place. I’m ashamed- and somewhat fearful- that I live amongst people that would strip women and gays of basic rights, that would shut down an entire state to give more bags of cash to money, and on and on. But I’m more afraid of those who will continue to defend the insanity. Our nation isn’t broke, it’s been robbed.

“As through this world I’ve wandered, I’ve seen lots of funny men;
Some will rob you with a gun; And some with a fountain pen.”

Obama was hired to hold the pen. Nothing more, nothing less.

God dammit, quit your preachin’!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain told Hotsheet Wednesday that homosexuality is a sin and a choice.

“I believe homosexuality is a sin because I’m a Bible-believing Christian, I believe it’s a sin,” he said. “But I know that some people make that choice. That’s their choice.”

Cain was asked: “So you believe it’s a choice?”

“I believe it is a choice,” he responded.

Not that anyone cares what some pizza-slingin’ bigot thinks, particularly one who has about as much business running for president as my dog, but I don’t know if I can take another year and a half of hectoring haters attempting to gobble up my tax dollars by telling me how I should live my life. And because none of this holier than me scolds actually have read the document they supposedly are running to defend, lets make sure we all understand something:

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

Not going to get into the tired, already settled “discussion” about the separation of church and state, that is a non-starter. The Herman Cains and Michelle Bachmanns of this country have made a career of picking and choosing what parts of the Bible as well as American history they deign to accept as, ok, lets call it gospel, and they even have their own fraudulent “historian”, David Barton, to funnel them more bullshit to preach to the converted. This issue has been settled, regardless of the antics of the faithful. And no, Herman, you can’t discriminate against one religion by forcing them to chant an some unconstitutional oath just so you can toss more American Exceptionalism Jeebus nonsense to your close-minded, anti-American base. And by the way, if you think some pinched face Midwesterner is ever going to vote for your darkly complected ass, you’re a bigger goof than I thought. Nope, they’ll stick with Tim “Check my pulse” Pawlenty and his “Give all your money to rich people and God” economic plan or if they are really full of the spirit, the impotent Rick Santorum. (Politically impotent, at least. At seven children, I shudder to ponder his carbon footprint.)

Sad truth is, we all will have to put up with sort of queasy nonsense for another year and change as one GOP gasbag rises above the others, only to say something stupid and get bashed against the rocks of piety, with another waiting behind them to out-hate the others. They’re all frauds, hypocrites and fools, and since not a one of them can run a business successfully- it’s the economy, stupid- not a one of can bring anything to the table to defeat Obama, although I sincerely wish they could. Bachmann takes federal money, Cain ran his energy company into the ground, and on and on. So, in absence of anything remotely tangible to challenge Obama with, they’re hoping that we’re actually a nation of evangelicals, all awaiting the call to join together and defeat the forces of evil. Luckily for the majority of this country, we’re not. Sure, there is that 25% or so of the population who will always vote for the most devout sounding of the candidates, who actually respond to the dog whistles of hate pouring from these morally repugnant losers yaps, and there always will be. Thankfully they aren’t enough of them to actually elect anyone, but in forcing these marginal candidates into greater and greater signs of faith, they are keeping people from actually discussing issues that matter- such as our latest illegal war, the debt ceiling, and the coddling of the Wall Street criminal class. No, keep on talking out your ass about the “choice” of homosexuality, or toss up another draconian abortion bill, and the true believers will yip in unison, while our nation rots.

God dammit, quit your preachin’ and actually do something constructive, why dontcha? Or are you all just pander and pious masturbation, and nothing else? Our nation has never more needed someone to speak reality than it does right now. But instead we get hate-filled fairy tales.

I don’t really see this ending well, do you?

An amazing statement

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Seeking to avoid a showdown over Libya, House GOP leaders have pulled back from a floor vote on a resolution by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) that would bar U.S. involvement in the NATO-led campaign to topple Muammar Qhadafi.

Citing “lots of unrest on both sides of the aisle,” a senior House GOP aide said Republican leaders are still working through their options.

Another senior Republican staffer said House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) “is concerned that if this were to come to the floor now, it would pass” and could adversely affect the NATO mission in Libya.

Did ya catch that part? The part where House Speaker Boehner essentially said that democracy be damned, we’re gonna have this illegal war, like it or not? And it is an illegal war– illegal the moment Obama started it, more so when the 60 days called for in the War Powers Resolution was up (not that the WPR applies, since it only allows for a president to use force when there is an immediate threat to the United States, which Libya has never posed). And seemingly only Dennis Kucinich has the moral decency and frankly, the stones to actually mention the fact.

In a statement, Kucinich said he was “disappointed that the President and leadership feel the need to buy even more time to shore up support for the War in Libya. It’s not surprising that some are now wondering if a preliminary vote count on my resolution came out in favor of defending the Constitution.”

Exactly. Remember how with great fanfare the Orange Man and his Wrecking Crew opened their tenure at the helm of the House with a reading of the Constitution? Funny, you’d have thought folks so enraptured by the document would actually attempt to give it validity, but perish the thought. Boehner sat on his hands for the Bush presidency as amendments were rendered superfluous, at least he’s consistent now. To his ilk, the Constitution exists as cable news fodder and something to be amended in case Adam and Steve want to marry, but to actually use it as the law of the land, well, that’s just something open to negotiation, apparently.

Because the Kucinich proposal relates to the 1973 War Powers Act, it is considered privileged under House rules, meaning that Kucinich could force a floor vote even if Democratic and Republican leaders are opposed to doing so. The resolution “ripens” next week, making it possible for Kucinich to bring about a vote when Congress returns from next week’s recess.

Kucinich’s resolution, introduced last week, “directs the president to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya by not later than the date that is 15 days after the date of the adoption”

So what if the resolution is voted upon- and passes? Nobody in their right mind actually thinks Obama would feel compelled by it to actually bring the troops home- he’s proven himself a war criminal over and over again since taking the office- so the bigger question becomes, “Whatcha gonna do about it?” Because it would be a clearly impeachable offense, no dithering on the definition of “is” at this point. It would be Obama’s Iran Contra, only he wouldn’t be able to quash it in some late night, last hour bit of chicanery, as HW Bush did by pardoning all the perps, calling it the criminalization of policy differences. No, this is Obama’s war, no weak tea of “he only inherited it” bullshit to be accepted.

And what of impeachment? Clearly no Dem, save Kucinich, would vote for it- and I’m betting not enough Republicans would either. Despite it being a slam dunk way to rid themselves of their primary foe, it would also put them in line to actually occupy the White House in 2012, which probably fills GOP undies with flop sweat. The GOP may be completely unprincipled whores to corporate power, but they ain’t entirely stupid. They can read a chart as well as the next guy, and realize that with leadership comes responsibility, and if there is anything the GOP considers repellant more than gays, its accepting ownership of their awful method of governance. Nope, “that boy” is going to sit in the White House for two full terms- he’s the best thing they’ve had to run on since abortion. Until 2012 the economy is his problem, all they have to do is bring up go nowhere “budgets” that no sane person would vote for, and hurl invective in the press. As Boehner’s quote shows, they have no stomach for actually governing.

Apparently, only Dennis Kucinich does.