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Pelosi and Rice save democracy…in Iraq

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Ayad Allawi, the former interim prime minister of Iraq, hinted in a television interview last weekend at one of the war’s least understood turning points: America’s decision not to challenge Iranian intervention in Iraq’s January 2005 elections.

Behind Allawi’s comment lies a tale of intrigue and indecision by the United States over whether to mount a covert-action program to confront Iran’s political meddling. Such a plan was crafted by the Central Intelligence Agency and then withdrawn — because of opposition from an unlikely coalition that is said to have included Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who was then House minority leader, and Condoleezza Rice, then national security adviser.

Heartening tale of perhaps the only occurence of the Bush admin actually doing what they say- allowing a democratic election to procede untainted. Too bad they did it in Iraq, not Ohio.

It’s ok to be gay in Iowa

Friday, August 31st, 2007

For now, anyway…

Judge: Same-Sex Couples Can Wed in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa — A county judge struck down Iowa’s decade-old gay marriage ban as unconstitutional Thursday and ordered local officials to process marriage licenses for six gay couples.

Gay couples from anywhere in Iowa could apply for a marriage license from Polk County under Judge Robert Hanson’s ruling.

Less than two hours after word of the ruling was publicized, two Des Moines men applied for a license, the first time the county had accepted a same-sex application. The approval process takes three days.

House Minority Leader Christopher Rants, R-Sioux City, said the ruling illustrates the need for a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

“I can’t believe this is happening in Iowa,” he said. “I guarantee you there will be a vote on this issue come January,” when the Legislature convenes.

At least for now Iowa joins the tiny group of the sane. People are people. Leave ’em be.

Watch that man

Friday, August 31st, 2007

That man being Bowie, of course.


Been on a big Bowie kick recently, since the brilliant “Flight of the Conchords” episode. This album, the followup to Ziggy, has always been a favorite. Now, in the remastered version, Bowies otherworldly vocals float and skip around the savage guitar of Mick Ronson. Whew. This is the shit.

Bye bye Hilly, and thanks for the music

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

CBGB Founder, Hilly Kristal Dies at Age 75

NEW YORK, Aug. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — It is with deep sadness and regret that we inform you of the death of Hilly Kristal, who died on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 from complications from lung cancer. Kristal, 75, founded the legendary rock club CBGB and ran the club for 33 years. A singer and songwriter himself, Kristal opened the club to showcase “Country Bluegrass and Blues”; instead the club became a breeding ground for Punk rock. Among the many acts that called CBGB home were Blondie, the Talking Heads, Television, Living Color, Patti Smith and the Ramones.

Sure, punk in America was gonna burst out somewhere, but it found a home at CBGB, and we can thank Hilly Kristal for that.


Mark your calendars! Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is coming!

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

A Student’s Guide to Hosting Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week
October 22-26, 2007

During the week of October 22-26, 2007, the nation will be rocked by the biggest conservative campus protest ever – Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week, a wake-up call for Americans on 200 university and college campuses.

The purpose of this protest is as simple as it is crucial: to confront the two Big Lies of the political left: that George Bush created the war on terror and that Global Warming is a greater danger to Americans than the terrorist threat. Nothing could be more politically incorrect than to point this out. But nothing could be more important for American students to hear. In the face of the greatest danger Americans have ever confronted, the academic left has mobilized to create sympathy for the enemy and to fight anyone who rallies Americans to defend themselves. According to the academic left, anyone who links Islamic radicalism to the war on terror is an “Islamophobe.” According to the academic left, the Islamo-fascists hate us not because we are tolerant and free, but because we are “oppressors.”

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is a national effort to oppose these lies and to rally American students to defend their country.

This spittle-faced ranting is courtesy of David Horowitz, who is sorta the “nuts nut”. A former “leftie”, he now sees a brown terror behind every action on the world stage, and feels we won’t be safe until the Middle East is a parking lot.

Let’s all check back in October and see if this actually becomes “the biggest conservative campus protest EVAH!“…or, if like previous tyranny pep rallies, the crowd is made up of 15 potbellied “patriots” with flag tshirts standing around drinking McDonalds coffee and getting all worked up about Hillary.

How to tactfully say failure

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Read this, and see how artfully the Washington Post calls Bush a liar:

Report Finds Little Progress On Iraq Goals
GAO Draft at Odds With White House

Iraq has failed to meet all but three of 18 congressionally mandated benchmarks for political and military progress, according to a draft of a Government Accountability Office report. The document questions whether some aspects of a more positive assessment by the White House last month adequately reflected the range of views the GAO found within the administration.

The strikingly negative GAO draft, which will be delivered to Congress in final form on Tuesday, comes as the White House prepares to deliver its own new benchmark report in the second week of September, along with congressional testimony from Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, and Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker. They are expected to describe significant security improvements and offer at least some promise for political reconciliation in Iraq.

“This document questions…”. Ah, a masterpiece of tact. No humans involved, nobody making judgments, nobody calling the King a liar.

Okay, maybe the graphic will.

How would you spend 50 billion?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Would ya pour it down a sinkhole in Iraq?

Bush Wants $50 Billion More for Iraq War
Planned Request Signals Confidence That Congress Won’t Prevail on Pullout

President Bush plans to ask Congress next month for up to $50 billion in additional funding for the war in Iraq, a White House official said yesterday, a move that appears to reflect increasing administration confidence that it can fend off congressional calls for a rapid drawdown of U.S. forces.

Short version? Bush to Dems: You’re a bunch of wimps, and now I’m gonna test your gag reflex.

Former CIA: We must lose these wars

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

For overwhelming moral reasons, I do not want the U. S. and Israeli governments to be victorious in any present or future Middle East wars. I want them to lose such wars.

U.S. policies in the Middle East since 9/11 have already caused a million or so killings and have created more injustice in the world than existed formerly. Every day results in more killings, more injustice. Unless might does indeed make right, we have no right whatever to win these wars. We should lose them.

Continue with Why the US and Israel Should Lose Middle East Wars

“A bunch of buffoons”

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

“The real question for Republicans in Washington is how low can you go, because we are approaching a level of ridiculousness,” said Mr. Reed, sounding exasperated in an interview on Tuesday morning. “You can’t make this stuff up. And the impact this is having on the grass-roots around the country is devastating. Republicans think the governing class in Washington are a bunch of buffoons who have total disregard for the principles of the party, the law of the land and the future of the country.”

Gee, ya think?

Why homophobic Senator Craig matters

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in June at a Minnesota airport by a plainclothes police officer investigating lewd conduct complaints in a men’s public restroom, according to an arrest report obtained by Roll Call Monday afternoon.

Craig’s arrest occurred just after noon on June 11 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. On Aug. 8, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct in the Hennepin County District Court. He paid more than $500 in fines and fees, and a 10-day jail sentence was stayed. He also was given one year of probation with the court that began on Aug. 8.

So why does it matter that yet another holier than YOU GOP self-loathing homophobe has been caught trying to dive into the down low in a public bathroom?

When they vote like this:

Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)
Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. (Jun 2002)
Voted NO on expanding hate crimes to include sexual orientation. (Jun 2000)
Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)
Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)

Hypocrites are bad enough. Hypocrites with power? Inexcusable.