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Ron Paul and “Upper Left”

Friday, November 30th, 2007

A new political party which occupies the Upper Left has the potential to become as big or bigger than the existing major parties.

But there is no such party. But we do have Ron Paul. For the first time in ages, the Upper Left has an outlet other than apathy, bitterness or conspiracy theories.

Interesting look at Ron Paul, and his appeal among those of us on “the upper left”.

Robertson: Yoga is da EVIL!

Friday, November 30th, 2007

This guy gives stupid a bad name:

Pat Robertson Not Down With Yoga

Wednesday’s “700 Club” featured a question about the Christian view of yoga. A concerned viewer asked, “Does it really have its origins in evil?” Pat Robertson gave the verdict: Yes! According to Pat, stretching is fine, but by repeating common yoga mantras, you are actually praying to Hindu gods Vishnu and Krishna and you’re not even aware of it!

“Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” Denis Diderot.

Ernest Dawkins

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Hey, wait a minute. I thought it was against some law to actually play real jazz? Nobody told this guy:


Scorchin’ Chicago jazz.

Say bye bye Rudy

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

The cross dressing, flip flopping, adulterous “noun, verb, and 9/11” freakshow GOP candidate can look forward to the rest of his mornings starting the day in the shower, looking down at little Rudy and screaming “YOU COST ME THE PRESIDENCY YOU LITTLE BASTARD!”

Giuliani billed obscure agencies for trips

As New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani billed obscure city agencies for tens of thousands of dollars in security expenses amassed during the time when he was beginning an extramarital relationship with future wife Judith Nathan in the Hamptons, according to previously undisclosed government records.

The expenses first surfaced as Giuliani’s two terms as mayor of New York drew to a close in 2001, when a city auditor stumbled across something unusual: $34,000 worth of travel expenses buried in the accounts of the New York City Loft Board.

When the city’s fiscal monitor asked for an explanation, Giuliani’s aides refused, citing “security,” said Jeff Simmons, a spokesman for the city comptroller.

But American Express bills and travel documents obtained by Politico suggest another reason City Hall may have considered the documents sensitive: They detail three summers of visits to Southampton, the Long Island town where Nathan had an apartment.

Say what you like about Slick Willy, at least he didn’t expect taxpayers, via agencies such as the Office for People With Disabilities, to pay a ten grand tab to get his goo gobbled.

God changes his mind, tells Richard Roberts to quit

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Read this story, and while doing so, substitute “his toaster” for “god” everywhere it appears.

Roberts says God forced his resignation

TULSA, Okla. – Richard Roberts told students at Oral Roberts University Wednesday that he did not want to resign as president of the scandal-plagued evangelical school, but that he did so because God insisted.

God told him on Thanksgiving that he should resign the next day, Roberts told students in the university’s chapel.

A lawsuit accuses Roberts of lavish spending at a time when the university faced more than $50 million in debt, including taking shopping sprees, buying a stable of horses and paying for a daughter to travel to the Bahamas aboard the university jet.

Roberts has previously said that God told him to deny the allegations. The week the lawsuit was filed, Richard Roberts said that God told him: “We live in a litigious society. Anyone can get mad and file a lawsuit against another person whether they have a legitimate case or not. This lawsuit … is about intimidation, blackmail and extortion.”

Somehow, “his toaster” is considered silly, while lying about god is…what?

Pathetic will do.

Lott flees Congress 5 years early, bro in law indicted for bribing a judge

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

I’m sure the two aren’t connected. Lott is scooting before new regulations concerning lobbying go into effect and render him unemployable. But still…

Trent Lott’s Brother-In-Law, Nephew, Indicted On Federal Bribery Charges

Prominent Mississippi trial attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, the brother-in-law of outgoing GOP Sen. Trent Lott, was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday on charges that he and four other men tried to bribe a Mississippi state court judge.


Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

I dunno, is the ability to make a phone call while walking down the street worth this?

Cellphone Tracking Powers on Request

Secret Warrants Granted Without Probable Cause

Federal officials are routinely asking courts to order cellphone companies to furnish real-time tracking data so they can pinpoint the whereabouts of drug traffickers, fugitives and other criminal suspects, according to judges and industry lawyers. In some cases, judges have granted the requests without requiring the government to demonstrate that there is probable cause to believe that a crime is taking place or that the inquiry will yield evidence of a crime. Privacy advocates fear such a practice may expose average Americans to a new level of government scrutiny of their daily lives.

I don’t think its any of the governments business where I am at any time, do you?

Mapping internet censorship

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

…in regions ridden with censorship and where the state holds the monopoly on information dissemination, open access to the Internet is often a tough goal to achieve considering the “authoritarian reflex” that is activated each time the repressive regimes feel threatened. Governments who already excel at muzzling the traditional media have been turning their efforts lately to the Internet, doing all they can to tighten their grip on this last refuge of communication.

See who is putting the boot to free speech here.

Support Bush at your peril

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

Coalition Of The Defeated

Last weekend, Australian Labor leader Kevin Rudd defeated staunch Bush ally Prime Minister John Howard, handing the conservative party its “worst election defeat in its 63-year history” and ending 12 years of conservative rule. Howard “suffered the additional ignominy of losing his own constituency seat,” the first time since 1929 that an Australian prime minister has been voted out of parliament.

Howard’s fate is similar to the story of many other Bush-friendly world leaders. After joining Bush’s Coalition of the Willing in 2003, several countries’ leaders have been ousted from office. In fact, of the original 49 countries who joined the Coalition, the AP reports that roughly 20 remain, with several in the process of withdrawing troops.

Nice to see that in some countries, when a leader takes a stance counter to that of their country, they lose their job. Wonder when such a system will reach the US?

Palm Beach: Screw you, we have a lawn to water

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

The American Southeast has been suffering from one of its worst droughts in years. But you wouldn’t know it from looking at the emerald-green estates of Palm Beach.

If the slumbering masses of Shopping Mall America ever revolt, one hopes after blazing the White House to the ground they march on assholes like this next.