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Ya’ll be careful now, you hear?

Friday, December 28th, 2007

TTP and LH are heading way out west to Santa Fe, so you’ll have to ring in the New Year solo. Nut up, you can do it…

TTP won’t have time to document the worlds ills for a week, but in case you miss us, we’ll stand in front of this webcam at least once a day:

We’ll wave.

Have a good new year and keep your powder dry. Think we’re gonna need it in the months ahead…

Kansas GOP head gets giddy about denying right to vote

Friday, December 28th, 2007

I guess with a party so out of touch from mainstream America, cheating is all you have left:

Kansas GOP Chair Sends Email Boasting of Voter Caging

Kris Kobach, a former counsel to then-Attorney General John Ashcroft who is currently the chairman of the Kansas GOP, sent out an email on Thursday entitled “Kansas Republican Party Year in Review” in which he brags of voter caging. Blue Tide Rising has the goods:

“To date, the Kansas GOP has identified and caged more voters in the last 11 months than the previous two years!” […]

Read it in case you don’t know what caging is.

NRA goes after NOLA

Friday, December 28th, 2007

Good for them, I say:

Gun seized after Katrina? NRA wants you

NEW ORLEANS – The National Rifle Association has hired private investigators to find hundreds of people whose firearms were seized by city police in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, according to court papers filed this week.

In the lawsuit, the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation claim the city violated gun owners’ constitutional right to bear arms and left them “at the mercy of roving gangs, home invaders, and other criminals” after Katrina.

Lest you forget why this is important:


Armed Blackwater mercenaries roaming the New Orleans streets after Katrina. Their job sure is easier if the populous is docile and unarmed, ain’t it?

Juan Cole on Bhutto

Friday, December 28th, 2007

The Bush administration backed military dictator Musharraf to the hilt as a way of dealing with U.S. security and al-Qaida on the cheap while it poured hundreds of billions into Baghdad. George W. Bush was entirely willing to let the Pakistani judiciary, the rule of law, and any real democracy be gutted by an ambitious general. For Washington, allowing Bhutto to return to Pakistan was simply a way to shore up Musharraf’s legitimacy. Now Pakistan faces new turmoil, and Bush appears to have no Plan B. Since Pakistan is a nuclear power and al-Qaida extremists still use it as a base to plot against the West, this failure is inexcusable and threatens U.S. security in a way Iraq never did.

Continue With Bhutto gone, does Bush have a Plan B?

Waiting for the UFOs

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

UFO debate invades politicians’ space

TOKYO (Reuters) – A debate over flying saucers has kept Japanese politicians occupied for much of this week, ensnaring top officials and drawing a promise from the defense minister to send out the army if Godzilla goes on a rampage.

“There are debates over what makes UFOs fly, but it would be difficult to say it’s an encroachment of air space,” Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba told a news conference Thursday.

“If Godzilla were to show up, it would be a dispatch for disaster relief.”

See what governments can accomplish when not distracted by fake wars?

A trillion f’n dollars?

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Credit loss could hit $1 trillion

THE US economy could be heading into its blackest year since the Great Depression as estimates of losses from the housing slump and sub-prime mortgage implosion reach unprecedented levels.

The latest bank estimate of $US700 billion in losses made this week by Rob McAdie, the UK-based head of credit at Barclays Capital, is $US300 billion more than a headline-grabbing Golden Sachs estimate that jolted US markets just last month.

And it is light years from the $US50-100 billion in losses predicted by US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke to Congress in July. Expressed another way, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank say only 15 countries have a GDP higher than $US700 billion. Australia was 15th on both lists.

But even estimates of a $US700 billion sub-prime bloodbath may be conservative, with respected finance and economic blog sites like Calculated Risk predicting losses as high as $US1 trillion. The implications for global credit markets of losses of this magnitude would be horrendous, forcing banks and other institutions to slash lending by several trillion dollars.

Oops. But hey, lets keep those tax cuts to Paris Hilton on schedule, mkay?

Brits chat with Taliban

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

MI6 ‘held peace talks with Taliban’

The British secret service has engaged in peace talks with senior Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, it has been claimed.

MI6 agents held a number of discussions, known as “jirgas”, with members of the hardline Islamist group, according to a Daily Telegraph report.

If true, the revelation could embarrass Prime Minister Gordon Brown, coming just weeks after he told MPs: “We will not enter into negotiations with these people.”

Embarrass? Why? Gordon Brown is a politician. Hence, he only speaks nonsense to keep his subjects distracted while he does whatever he wishes.

Airplane internet…yet another reason to stay home

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

To steal from the best I ask, what fresh hell is this?

Airborne Internet might bring turbulence

NEW YORK – Seat 17D is yapping endlessly on an Internet phone call. Seat 16F is flaming Seat 16D with expletive-laden chats. Seat 16E is too busy surfing porn sites to care. Seat 17C just wants to sleep.

Welcome to the promise of the Internet at 33,000 feet — and the questions of etiquette, openness and free speech that airlines and service providers will have to grapple with as they bring Internet access to the skies in the coming months.


Using the system against itself

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Kudos, I say:

Anarchists in the Aisles? Stores Provide a Stage

Otherwise known as reverse shoplifting, shopdropping involves surreptitiously putting things in stores, rather than illegally taking them out, and the motivations vary.

Anti-consumerist artists slip replica products packaged with political messages onto shelves while religious proselytizers insert pamphlets between the pages of gay-and-lesbian readings at book stores.


Death to speed cameras

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Angry Populace Burning British Surveillance Cameras

Motorists Against Detection, the vigilante anti-speed camera group have announced a summer of MADness which will see them target for destruction all speed cameras in the UK. It’s now going to be a period of zero tolerance against all speed cameras, said their campaigns director Capt Gatso.

The group claims speed cameras are just money-making machines and they have given the authorities long enough to prove their worth. The first camera to fall in the summer campaign is in south east London on the A2 at the Sun in the Sands roundabout on-slip heading northbound towards the Blackwall Tunnel.

Edward Abbey would be proud.