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Tesla electric car IPO a success

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

I bet I know a fella in Mebane who’s watching this with interest…

Tesla Motors shares skyrocket 40 pct. upon initial public offering

Tesla Motors got off to a flying start on Wall Street on Tuesday as shares in the US electric carmaker soared more than 40 percent over its initial public offering price.

Shares in Tesla, the first US auto manufacturer to go public since Ford in 1956, gained 6.89 dollars, or 40.5 percent, to close at 23.89 dollars.

Read more about the Tesla here.

Traffic lights

Monday, June 28th, 2010

A week in a new setting can do wonders for a soul, but it makes returning an arduous task. Opening the door at the Rockin’ Frog greets you with the twitter of early morning birds and the scampering of bunnies; the same back in Atlanta drenches you in nasty humidity and stupefying heat.

But upon driving to work I had a satori- as I sat waiting for the state to tell me when it was allowable to turn left and listening to blathering nitwits on the radio discuss how the death of Sen. Byrd was going to matter- I realized of course, that it would have no effect at all. The wars will continue, BP and a thousand more will continue to kill us for profit, and somewhere, some ijit with an “R” or a “D” after there name will be talking out their blowhole about something that they know nothing about, reported by a completely corrupt and failed media.

My satori was this: No matter how many posts I make on TTP, Facebook, et al, the poisoners will continue to poison, the state will continue to arbitrarily order me around while taking my income to fund warmongering maniacs of a thousand flags. The people who read this blog are generally the choir- we already hold the same basic value set, so I’m rarely changing anyone’s mind on anything, just restating the bile.

So, going forward, this blog will either change or die. There is no purpose any longer in simply stating that, for example, Sarah Palin is a dangerous theocratic fraud, or that our government did 9/11. Either you believe thus, or you don’t- but what matters is what it in turn makes you do. I for one am tired- tired of pissing and moaning to limited effect, tired of reading about one more abuse of government power, or one more semi-credible or not account of media fakery- because who cares? I’m tired of pedaling the recumbent bike of stating the obvious, and am ready for action. What that will mean I haven’t a clue at the moment. But I’m currently reading Survival+: Structuring Prosperity for Yourself and the Nation by Charles Hugh Smith, and I recommend that everyone else do so as well. Because we’re living in a failing empire, as all empires fail, and when it does, its gonna be fugly.

And I plan on being here when it happens:


Now, the only question remains, getting from here to there. Let’s go.

Going out west where I belong

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

TTP bids you a fond farewell, at least for a while…LH, Yoshi and myself are off to tame the west…


If you can find us, come by!

Some people just don’t get it: Haley Barbour edition

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Barbour Is Concerned That Escrow Account Will Cut Into BP’s Sunday. CoProfits: ‘It Bothers Me’

The Obama administration announced this week that it wants BP to transfer “substantial” funds to an escrow account overseen by an independent third party that will handle claims from individuals and businesses affected by the company’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. “We need to make sure that the interests of people in the Gulf are protected,” senior White House adviser David Axelrod said on ngressional Democrats have asked BP to create a $20 billion fund.

Sticking with the “Obama is a socialist” meme, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) called the account a “redistribution of wealth fund.” Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) also thinks it is a bad idea. Although he noted on Fox News last night that BP is “saying that they have the ability to pay and that they will pay,” Barbour expressed concern that BP will lose some profits:

BARBOUR: If BP is the responsible party under the law, they’re to pay for everything. I do worry that this idea of making them make a huge escrow fund is going to make it less likely that they’ll pay for everything. They need their capital to drill wells. They need their capital to produce income. … But this escrow bothers me that it’s going to make them less able to pay us what they owe us. And that concerns me. … [I]t bothers me to talk about causing an escrow to be made, which will — which makes it less likely that they’ll make the income that they need to pay us.

Oink oink said the oily pig, his snout firmly wedged into big oils criminal, greedy buttcheeks.

RIP Busi Mhlongo

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Busi Mhlongo, queen of modern Zulu music, dead at 62

KwaZulu-Natal arts and culture minister Weziwe Thusi said she had visited Mhlongo a few weeks ago and “hoped and prayed” she would pull through.

She was 62.

“I am really sad but she is in a better place now,” said Thusi.

“Mhlongo will be remembered for her historic contribution to music in South Africa and abroad. Her sharing the stage with international greats including Hugh Masekela, Dorothy Masuka, Salif
Keita, Manu Dibango and many others speaks to her own greatness,” he said in a statement.

She achieved the feat of being the first female Maskandi artist to be recorded and left a legacy South Africa could be proud of.

Bush admin lax regs led to spill says lawsuit

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

And Obama followed right along:

Lawsuit: BP’s ‘manipulation’ of Bush administration led to spill

Oil firm BP “manipulated” the Bush administration into softening regulation of oil drilling, leading to the environmental disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, a lawsuit filed in a Florida courtroom alleges.

The suit, which describes the Gulf spill as “an ecological Armageddon that could literally destroy the marine and coastal environment and way of life for generation of Americans,” was filed on behalf of a Pensacola Beach property developer who says he and countless other property owners along the Gulf coast will lose large sums of money as the spill devalues their properties, reports the Pensacola News-Journal.

Lawyer Mike Papantonio, an occasional TV pundit who is leading the lawsuit, makes no bones about the fact his client sees the Bush administration as being primarily responsible for the spill.

“The only way that happened was because there was a concerted effort to take all of the teeth out of regulations,” he said, as quoted at the News-Journal.

Ya think?

Oh well, an apology from Cameron is almost as good as justice

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


British Prime Minister David Cameron has apologised to the families of those killed by the “unjustified and unjustifiable” actions of British paratroopers on Bloody Sunday.

Following the publication of the long-awaited Saville report, which found that the 13 people shot dead in Derry’s Bogside on 30 January 1972 were innocent, unarmed civilians, Mr Cameron said the British Government was “ultimately responsible”.

“And for that, on behalf of the Government – indeed on behalf of our country – I am deeply sorry,” he added.

Mr Cameron also paid tribute to the campaign to uncover the truth mounted by the families of victims of Bloody Sunday.

“Nothing can bring back those that were killed but I hope, as one relative has put it, the truth coming out can help set people free.”

In a statement, a spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service said: “The decision whether any individual will face prosecution arising out of the Saville Report is solely for the Public Prosecution Service acting independently in accordance with the Test for Prosecution.”

“The Director of Public Prosecutions, together with the Chief Constable, will consider the Report to determine the nature and extent of any police enquiries and investigations which may be required to enable informed decisions as to prosecution to be taken.”

How hard can it be to try them all for murder? And then give them the same treatment they gave the Irish.

Oklahoma? What the hell is wrong with you?

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Islamic Sharia Law to Be Banned in, ah, Oklahoma

Oklahoma is poised to become the first state in the nation to ban state judges from relying on Islamic law known as Sharia when deciding cases.

The ban is a cornerstone of a “Save our State” amendment to the Oklahoma constitution that was recently approved by the Legislature.

The amendment — which also would forbid judges from using international laws as a basis for decisions — will now be put before Oklahoma’s voters in November. Approval is expected.

Oklahoma has few Muslims – only 30,000 out of a population of 3.7 million. The prospect of sharia being applied there seems remote. But a chief architect of the measure, Republican State Rep. Rex Duncan, calls the proposed ban a necessary “preemptive strike” against Islamic law coming to the state.

“I see this in the future somewhere in America,” Duncan, who chairs the state House Judiciary Committee, told ABC News. “It’s not an imminent threat in Oklahoma yet, but it’s a storm on the horizon in other states.”

First it was the insulting, draconian anti-abortion laws, now this? Are you people proud of rivaling South Carolina for “stupidest state”?

Real slow, read my lips: We’ll never have Sharia law in this country.



Read this, and then tell me Obama should still be president

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Like the attacks by Al Qaeda, the disaster in the Gulf was preceded by ample warnings – yet the administration had ignored them. Instead of cracking down on MMS, as he had vowed to do even before taking office, Obama left in place many of the top officials who oversaw the agency’s culture of corruption. He permitted it to rubber-stamp dangerous drilling operations by BP – a firm with the worst safety record of any oil company – with virtually no environmental safeguards, using industry-friendly regulations drafted during the Bush years. He calibrated his response to the Gulf spill based on flawed and misleading estimates from BP – and then deployed his top aides to lowball the flow rate at a laughable 5,000 barrels a day, long after the best science made clear this catastrophe would eclipse the Exxon Valdez.

Go on and read The Spill, The Scandal and the President. I’ll wait.

Done? Good.

We won’t know the extent of the devastation of the Gulf for decades. This deliberate, calculated disaster of a event- brought about by greedy mis-management on the part of BP and a government unable to govern- will forever change life as we know it in this country. The Gulf coast will economically ruined- and it wasn’t too healthy to start with. The damage to the environment means that we are the last generation to be alive at the same time as the Gulf, because between the oil and the chemicals BP used to hide- not capture- the spill, the food chain is robbed of oxygen, and will gradually die.

Obama let this happen. He was elected solely to change the status quo, and while nobody sane would actually believe he’d have much effect, at least we were promised competency, after eight years of dimwitted buffoonery, backslapping and “bidness”. Well Obama rode into town and changed exactly…nothing. He kept in place those with financial ties to the industries they were charged with regulating, he dithered when confronted with the crisis, and seems completely incapable of doing what needs to be done- end all deep water drilling now, ban future drilling, and basically telling the oil industry and its fan boys in Congress enough is enough, you’ve had a good long unregulated run, but it stops here.

Nope. Instead he has lied to the world about the extent of the spill, allowed BP to use risky dispersant banned elsewhere in the world, and sat helplessly as BP ran the show. When George Bush used the destruction of Katrina to shovel gimmies to his friends in the GOP, we all expected that. And as horrible as the damage to New Orleans was, it was contained. One city. A vital, wonderful city, true, but one city. Obama has potentially altered the nature of our planet, at least in the short term (that term ending as soon as our destructive ass is gone from the earth), and for that, he, and his entire collection of political thugs and lying goons should be forced from office. The problem is, everyone waiting in line is just as useless as he, so who do you replace him with?

The Tea Party and GOP objection to Obama can be summed up as an over-reaction to change. They see Obama as a threat to their way of life, forever altering what America means.

The rest of us, those who live in the real world, blame him for the opposite- for not doing enough. End the wars. End Gitmo. End DADT. Medicare for all. Triple the budgets of the regulatory agencies that Bush willfully, gleefully gutted.

Instead he, or the shadowy powers behind the curtain that run the show, have done nothing to address anything but their own short-sighted needs. They won’t suffer for it- we will. We pay for it. We eat the rotten food, pay the rotten bailouts, and cope with the rotten economy. They don’t.

But even more frightening than that is the realization that we really, really don’t have any idea what we’ve unleashed in the gulf- not environmentally, not economically, none of it.

That should scare the shit out of you.

The sea is dying along Alabama’s coast

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Low-oxygen pockets found off Alabama coast, raising new fears for sea life

Scientists measured two areas of low oxygen off the Alabama coast Tuesday, finding levels below the threshold that marine creatures need to survive.

Scientists said the unusual presence of low-oxygen areas off the coast raises the possibility that the number of oil-eating microbes has swelled because of the millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf.

How does it feel to be the among the last generations to be alive when the Gulf was?