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Stop Obama now, or watch Palin later.

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

You didn’t stop Nixon. Or Clinton. Or Bush.

And look what ya got for it now.

You were too tired, or weak, or out of outrage to put Nixon in the dock, and make the nation face the enormity of his crimes. You attempted to oust Clinton over lying about getting his pee pee gummed, instead of for ordering children to be burned to death in Waco. You quivered in the face of that petty tyrant from Texas, and Bush drove this country into the ground.

It is time for serious people (sit down, Tea Party) to realize that there are things a president can do, and things he cannot. He cannot wake up one morning and decide to go to war and do so without consulting Congress. In fact, there’s a dandy quote about it:

The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

Libya doesn’t threaten the US, other than perhaps our sense of decency. There is no justifiable reason to be killing civilians in Yafran – or anywhere else for that matter- and certainly not when you piss on the Constitution to do it. Or when you ignore similar circumstances in Bahrain and Yemen. Now we all want the people in Libya- and everywhere else- to be free. That is not the point.

The point is, the President, like all others in recent memory, broke the law. For two years we watched as mobs accused him of everything under the sun, 99% false, yattering on about Marxism (uh, Goldman Sachs doesn’t invest in communists, as a rule), about his “unconstitutional” health care act (it’s not, btw. It’s just a good idea badly done.) And now that he actually has done something unconstitutional, something impeachable, we’re going to give him a pass. Fox News railed about his jetting off to Rio while the bombs fell in Libya, and as always, they preach the wrong point. The problem isn’t that he wasn’t active enough- it was that he acted alone.

So why is the Tea Party largely quiet about this? Why is Sarah Palin agreeing with Obama? Here is the perfect opportunity to do what you say you want- oust Obama- and you won’t take it. And we all now why. Because you can’t. Because since the time of our worst President ever, Harry Truman, the President knows that he can wage war without really consulting much of anyone, if he doesn’t want to. Or if you do, you just lie to justify your actions, so you might as well keep quiet. Nixon did it, Reagan, Bush. All your heroes. So now, when a man you despise uses American force to secure yet another oil-rich Middle Eastern country, you look the other way.

But whom I’m really talking to are those of you with the “YES WE DID” stickers. Those of you who somehow, even now, cling to the notion that you elected a good man to the White House. You didn’t. In this day and age it seems improbable that a good man will ever sit in the Oval Office again. So when Obama ambles out of the White House – in 2016 – you just sit there and watch President Huckanut, or Palin nuke Iran with their left hand while their right hand still warms the Bible at the swearing in.

YES WE DID…nothing.

Can I get an amen?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Sunday sales bill earns historic passage in Senate

After years of failure at the hands of social conservatives and recalcitrant Republicans, the Georgia Senate on Wednesday delivered a crucial victory to those who have long sought the ability to buy alcohol in stores on Sundays.

By a 32-22 vote, Senate Bill 10 passed, which allows local communities to vote on whether to allow retail stores to sell alcohol on Sunday. The bill is thought to have a good chance in the House and Gov. Nathan Deal has indicated he would sign it into law.

Imagine that. Finally the residents of Georgia will be allowed to vote- just vote, mind you- on allowing Sunday sales of booze. Not to actually get to buy it- we have to wait for the Metro Atlanta counties to pass it, and the Sunday Schoolers in the rest of the state to vote no- but gosh, after years of that theocratic, grandstanding fool Sonny Perdue, just being allowed to have an opinion on an issue that really is nobody else’s business is refreshing. Because the issue here isn’t really the sale of beer at a grocery store on Sunday. The issue is that some folks think its just dandy to use the power of the state to saddle citizens with a single groups notion of morality. You don’t want to drink on Sunday? Then don’t. Case closed. I ain’t gonna – nor can I legally- force you to do otherwise.

So why can you? Why can you tell me what to drink – no Four Loco– or when? Or what naturally occurring substance I can ignite and inhale? Trust me, I won’t be bothering you with it- the last place I want to be with a buzz is anywhere near a bunch of people too afraid to take control of their own lives and instead rely on a mythical Sky Daddy to do it- no, these aren’t the folks I hang with.

If I should take a notion
To jump into the ocean,
It ain’t nobody’s business if I do.

Now that song, Ain’t Nobody’s Business was penned in the 1920s by Bessie Smith’s piano player Porter Grainger and Everett Robbins. It’s staggering to me that almost 100 years later some people still don’t get it. I don’t care to whom you pray, I just don’t want to pay for it. I don’t care what you read, or watch, or eat, none of it. And even if I did, the only way to assure my natural born rights is by respecting yours so I wouldn’t use force to impose my views on you. That’s easy enough to understand, right? Because anything else is pretty much this.

Ok, how about this?

House panel considers ‘In God We Trust’

The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote Thursday on a measure to reaffirm “In God We Trust” as the national motto and to encourage its display on public buildings, including schools.

U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Virginia, is sponsoring the measure on the national motto, adopted in 1956.

R-Virginia. Yet another Bible Belt, anti-American agent of the state, forcing his narrow-minded view of the world on the rest of us. Because I don’t trust in God. Sorta hard to trust something that in my opinion doesn’t exist. I might be right, or the Forbes and Perdues of the world might be right. We’ll never know.


So, pardon me if I gag a bit at the notion that this nation, that at one point understood what freedom meant, slapped a slavish, pleading oath to white people’s FSM on everything that didn’t move at all, much less that in the midst of world turmoil, wars, and a hollow economy some asshole thinks “reaffirming” it is appropriate? And that others will nod their heads and intone “That’s a good man…” – like they did about that butcher Bush.

A man who would force his belief system on me – in fact, earn his living doing so- is not a good man. He’s not even a good American.

Can I get an amen?

But Obama, think of the strippers!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Push to change dollar bill to dollar coin

The Government Accountability Office has a suggestion to help the federal government save on average $184 million dollars a year—replace the dollar bill with a dollar coin.

According to the report, dollar bills have a shorter lifespan than dollar coins because they wear much faster, which in turn requires the government to spend more to print new bills. The change would take four years to see savings but could add up to $5.5 billion dollars in savings over the next 30 years.

Barry, I know you’re getting beat up on this budget thing, and I appreciate that ya have to think outside the box sometimes, but lets ease up on this replace the dollar bill notion. First off, everybody hates dollar coins. We get those when we buy stamps from a machine (WITH BILLS!) and generally toss them into a bowl with the rest of the change, never to be seen again. Secondly, I really doubt it would save over 5 billion dollars over 30 years, but even if it did- so what? You’d save that much by switching from double to single ply toilet paper in national parks. If any are still open in 30 years, that is.

But beyond all that, you’re going to wipe out an industry that many people need so desperately in these trying times…strippers. Now, I dunno if you’ve ever been, but these women parade around in front of a bunch of pathetic goons with fistfulls of dollar bills. And for a buck, they get to touch a genuine naked lady, if only long enough to slide that sweaty dollar bill under a garter or a G-string. Now no woman is gonna want Fat Larry pressing some stupid dollar coin into her flesh, not to mention that once the DJ cranks up “You Can Leave Your Hat On” (the strippers national anthem, I think…), and she takes few spins around that pole, heavy dollar coins are going be flying…might put some poor drunks eye out. Insurance is gonna skyrocket. Because Obama, America needs strippers. Strippers keep a chunk of men off the streets and away from the rest of us for hours each night. And the fines from the resultant DUIs raises local tax revenue, so really, strippers are a win-win, all the way around.

All kidding aside, if anyone in our imperial Federal government spent more than 30 seconds on this bullshit notion, fire ’em now. And its been brought up for years, which means for years we’ve had some mighty clueless ijits in Washington. (I know, I know, I’m being redundant). Whip out your calculator and add up what 30 fucking years of occupying Afghanistan is gonna cost. Or ethanol. Or tax breaks to oil companies. (STFU, Joe Barton). Go ahead, add that shit up, and when you’re done? Take one of those dollar coins…and stick it where the sun don’t shine. As long as the government wastes the majority of the money it gets, don’t be dicking around with what little money us common folk get to play with. Morans.

You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

You shouldn’t have to subsidize NPR…and I shouldn’t subsidize Rush Limbaugh

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

NPR ‘appalled’ by former exec’s comments

Former NPR executive Ron Schiller slams Republicans and the tea party movement and suggests that NPR would be better off without any federal funding in a hidden-camera video released Tuesday by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe.

Schiller, president of the NPR Foundation and a senior vice president for development until just last week, appears on the tape at Georgetown’s Café Milano with NPR director of institutional giving Betsy Liley and two men–Shaughn Adeleye and Simon Templar–posing as executives from a fake Islamic organization considering a $5 million donation to the network.

We’re going to leave aside the odious Mr. O’Keefe for now, other than to wonder, why isn’t he in jail in Louisiana somewhere? His gotcha video isn’t the issue. The issue is, should anyone have to support a media organization? Should conservatives be forced to fund a group who derides their existence daily, offends their sense of moral decency, and conspires against them? Of course not.

Nor should I get out of bed each day, go to work, come home and look at my paycheck, let my eyes wander to the withholdings, and realize that some small amount of that money went to fund Rush Limbaugh. Sean Hannity. Mike Huckabee. No, I shouldn’t have to be reminded of that. See, all those guys (as well Ed Schultz, Alan Colmes and NPR) are broadcast on the Armed Forces Network, which is a part of the Department of Defense, which, last time I checked, I paid for. Why should I pay these champions of the free market/capitalist cheerleading jackwad theocrats a fucking dime? Now, Rush earns something like 400 gazillion dollars a year to belch his brand of anti-American nonsense to a vast audience, he parades his income around like some sort of white boy bling, I doubt he really needs my minor contribution to his coffers. So, please, by all means, yank NPRs funding. It only amounts to about 3% of their budget, and without it- and the meddling aggravations of the no-nothing corner it invites- they would make up the difference in a week just by forgoing the money. Their demographic loves to support martyrs.

Please do this just as soon as you stop asking me to fund right wing demagogues and that homophobic clown from Arkansas. A group, need I remind you, have cost this nation far more than that brie-munching smarty pants crowd at NPR. Yeah, by relentlessly pimping the wars, by lampooning Abu Grahib, by endlessly cheerleading for Israel, these people have cost this nation dearly, both financially and morally. Sure, NPR might run a Noam Chomsky interview once in a blue moon, but that beats giving war criminals like Rumsfeld an open mic to spew his lethal lies. Big difference. By advancing the notion that somehow, after the last two years, the American public should rise up in arms against…school teachers…?…the Rush/Sean school of propaganda lets the real villains escape, while real people suffer.

So sure, I totally agree. You shouldn’t have to fund National Public Radio. And I shouldn’t have to fund right wing lie factories. So until I don’t have to, STFU.

O Canada!

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

CRTC ditches bid to allow fake news

Canada’s broadcasting regulator has abandoned its attempt to change a regulation that prohibits the dissemination of false or misleading news.

The decision from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission followed a meeting last week of Parliament’s joint committee for the scrutiny of regulations, which ended its 10-year bid to get the regulation to comply with the law.

After ignoring the committee’s letters for years, CRTC finally relented and said in December it would consider changing the regulation to apply only in cases when broadcasters know the information they are sharing is untrue and when it “endangers or is likely to endanger the lives, health or safety of the public.”

But the CRTC’s call for public input on the proposal resulted in a tidal wave of angry responses from Canadians who said they feared such a move would open the door to Fox TV-style news and reduce their ability to determine what is true and what is false.

Oh you enlightened northern neighbor. How I envy you. To live in a nation that rejects “Fox TV-style” news because they lie. Can you imagine how radically different our 24/7 news spew would be if “The Land of the Free” enacted such?

No more Bill O’Reilly showing fake video clips to support his employers desire to see unions crushed.

No more having your sore loser paranoia embraced by pinhead pundits insisting the president wasn’t born here.

An absence of theocratic blathering from hypocritical pigs named Newt on matters of no import to him.

No, that semi-socialist hellhole of personal responsibility, Canada, is evolved enough to understand the danger that a propaganda organ such as Fox News represents. By constantly distorting the issues, by doctoring video, by the daily “oops” of switched party affiliations, or just completed reversing reality as was the case with a poll on public sentiment on unions.

Fox News lies, everyone knows it, and despite- perhaps because of – it, they reign supreme in the ratings wars. They feed falsehood to that segment of the American public they need to keep riled up- but only about the topics and special interests of their owners. Despite being union members themselves, tune in nightly to hear Hannity, O’ Reilly and Beck trash the protesters and give Gov. Walker a reach around. Watch the victims of the vampire squids get blamed for the grand theft that is our economy. Watch the upper 2% whine about taxes- while paying none. All of this blared from row upon row of Wal Mart TVs and waiting rooms, wrapping the clueless in the comforting balm of unreality.

I fervently embrace our First Amendment, and I just as steadfastly believe that it doesn’t protect lies, but in that I’m wrong. Yes, in our country Fox News sued for the right to lie to the public- and won.

O Canada!

Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

True patriot love, indeed. Wish it could break out here.