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Rock Star: Supernova Finale

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Finale Night …. wow, what a hard night this is going to be. I’llbe a little sad that it’s over. Now how will I ever see my Lukas? Besides, I’m a TV junkie! Good thing that the Fall Season is starting next week!

Out of the top four, the bottom two were Magni and Toby, not really a shock though, huh?

Magni sang “Fire” yet again by Hendrix but it’s still so damn bland.

Toby with the Billy Idol… Hayseuss Maria… what is his deal? He’s stalkerish at this point.

But alas, Magni is headed back to Iceland. To his family…where he really belongs to be honest.

The final three, Toby, Lukas and Dilana are crazy business. I still think it should have been Storm instead of Toby, but what can I say. They do a great recap of each of their time here. A little montage of tunes and pics of them throughout the competition.

The guys want to hear them sing again, so up first is Lukas. *sigh* He does “Bittersweet Symphony” again and it’s really one of my favorite songs that he did.

Next, Dilana. She does “Zombie” which was amazing the first time, but this time, it was a weird warbly kind of thing. Some weird notes she was hitting, it was still good, just not as good as the firs time.

Last is Toby, he does “Somebody Told Me”. *yawn* I don’t know what it is about this guy that just puts me to sleep. He’s just… off.

They do their little chit chat at the end of the performances.

First for Toby, Jason says his singing hasn’t ever been in question and that his voice always cuts over the guitars. But…he’s next to go home. G’day Mate. He at least is humble about it, and says that Dilana and Lukas are awesome and that they have been from day one. That he took time to grow into a good performer and whomever Supernova gets it will be great. That was nice, I’ll give credit where it’s due.

At the end, it’s just Dilana and Lukas at the end, and they take a commercial because Gilby says they need more time. I’m on pins and needles here. I also can’t believe that I was that close to being dead on. I surprise even myself.

After the commerical, the guys address the last two standing.

Lukas, Tommy says some glowing things ….

Then he says great things about Dilana, of course.

And finally, here it comes…..

The winner is my boyfriend Lukas! It’s nice to know that all my thousand votes counted! They did say that he had the highest number of votes and they listen to their fans.

But the surprises roll on. They love Dilana, and they aren’t going to leave her hanging. So, Dave wants her to come and play with the house band on the road. Gilby said that he will help write and produce her album. And Dave also said that he wants to play on her record.

So, I think the end of this one was really great. I mean, my boyfriend Lukas wins and gets to tour with Supernova… and Dilana who is a great artist also, gets a record and gets to tour with them also. Nice. Hopefully, she won’t sing any of the songs that she wrote…. umm.. Supersoul? No thank you.

Now the speculation begins as to which washed up band will get a new spark by dragging their asses through Rock Star. Van Halen? Alice in Chains? How about Flock of Seagulls?

Any ideas?

Rock Star: Supernova 9.12.06

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

They do the viewer’s choice encore which went to Ryan Star. The audience was really happy to see him. He does his “Back of Your Car” song. Which I can say is the only thing I have ever not hated from him. He’s got a new album coming out named “Dark Horse”. Since he won the viewer’s encore, he drives off in a new CRV. Sweet.

After a nice montage of the last four standing, the performances begin. They are going to do a cover and then their original. So, Toby goes first and does “Karma Police” by Radiohead. He needs to lose the Erik Estrada “CHiPs” sunglasses. Ugh,they are tacky. And the weightlifting glove? Oy. His voice isn’t prime this evening, I will tell you that. He’s no Thom Yorke, not that Thom Yorke is a great vocalist. Then for his original, he brings Magni up to play guitar. Ploy? Or genuine act of kindness? He gets okay from Tommy, really good from Dave, Jason and Gilby. So, who knows. I’m just hoping that he’s not the winner here. He’s so bland to me.

Next up, Lukas doing Coldplay “Fix You”, by the way, my favorite song by them. I’m biased. I admit it, I like my little freak. He kicked it quite well, in my cheesy opinion. Something about a dude that wears more eye makeup than I have in years. I am admittedly part of the Rossi Posse. He does an acoustic version of his song “Headspin” which was just great. There were shots of chicks in the crowd singing along… nice. Dave called out that Paula Abdul was in the audience tonight. He also said that he would totally watch Lukas for 2 hours, Tommy and Gilby loved it.

It’s Dilana’s turn. She does a great version of “Roxanne” by the Police. She looked great too, it was regular Dilana, not dreadlocked whacky Dilana. Straight hair, leather dress and a kickin’ cane. The 3 remaining dudes come in behind her and sing. It was quite rockin’. And then she says, “Let’s hear it for my boyfriends!” Love it. Her original cover isn’t the best of the contestants but ….. What was with the total crotch shot? She is wearing a short dress and then kicks up her leg? Then she runs into the crowd and sings to Paula. Haha, gratuitious. She wanders up in the nose bleed seats and belts it out. Of course they all loved her, sang her praises so…I’m thinking that my original prediction was right on, she’s going to take this competition.

Magni closes it out with “Hush”, the old Deep Purple song. Ouch. Not the best I have heard from him at all. Rather screechy in some parts. But the crowd really liked it, and were getting into it. His original is alright, I could see it selling. He’s a rather boring front man. Tommy said that his original was rather unforgettable. I think Magni altogether is forgettable.

So tomorrow, the end of the beginning of Supernova. I must go vote for Lukas….

I bid you adieu… ’til tomorrow.

Rock Star: Supernova Results Show 9.6.06

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

The final five will become the final four in just a few minutes and I have a good feeling about this one. They all did a great job last night, Supernova was truly impressed.

The new Supernova track is called “It’s All Love” and this is the one that I hate the least so far. Magni was the lucky one to sing this one tonight. He seemed to be having a little trouble with the high notes though. I’m still floored to see Jason Newsted playing along with this mainstream rock sound though. He seems to be getting into it and that’s either a great act, or he’s mellowing with age.

The final five arrived tonight in five new Honda Elements and the person who gets chosen for the encore will be winning the car they arrived in.

The encore singer tonight is Toby. Another rendition of “Throw it all Away” and catchy and cheesy as it was last night, expect this time, Toby gets a car.

At some point, all five were in the bottom three last night. Brooke did say that there was only a handful of votes that determined the bottom three and there were record number votes.

Storm is in the bottom three and doing “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. Great rendition, if I do say so myself. At the end of the song, there are a few tears and she says that it was for her mom. And see….that’s not cheesy, because she actually KNOWS her mother.

Dilana is next in the bottom three and she’s whipping out the Cheap Trick. But WTF is that? It’s like a bad punk hoedown. It’s just horrible, and yet I see Tommy bopping along. Please tell me that he’s drunk. She ends the retardfest with some Bruce Dickinson yell. But they are applauding! WHAT? I’ve lost a little bit of respect here.

Last in the bottom three is my freak, Lukas. So, it appears, that one of my final three is going home tonight. He’s going to “Headspin” again but it sounds much better tonight. I can’t believe my choices for the top three are tonights bottom three.

This is so nerve-racking. Waiting through these stupid commercials!

Gilby likes the fact that Storm changed it up, but she’s been in the bottom three a few times so that’s a concern. Dilana also, being in the bottom three is a concern for them. Lukas is safe so I get another week with my freak but still sad that my Storm has been sent home. She’s an amazing performer and we haven’t seen the last of her. It was the most heartfelt goodbye from the guys. They were all so sad to see her go but they’ve all said that they will be playing on her track. Whether or not that happens, remains to be seen but it’s still amazing to be said.

Next week, the beginning of the end. Lukas, Dilana, Toby and Magni. Hmph. We shall see.

Rock Star: Supernova 9.5.06

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

This week is going to be especially tough, as each of the final five have to perform an original composition and one of the cover songs provided.

They each have gone and wrote a song with Gilby during the week, and apparently Dilana doesn’t have the ‘stuff’. Lukas came half prepared and Toby was spot on with an energy that Gilby liked.

First up for her set, is Dilana. She ripped a calf muscle in rehearsal but was carried out to a stool to perform “Behind Blue Eyes” by the Who. I have to say, her version wasn’t bad at all. She stayed on the stool and the guitar player came over and sang harmony with her. Her original song was called “Super Soul” and quite a tasty nugget. If she wrote that, why couldn’t she show that to Gilby during their session? Stage fright of sorts? She got off the stool and rocked out on one leg. Dave didn’t like the original, Tommy did and Gilby still thought that she was too literal in her lyrics.

The New Year’s Eve show is sold out so they have added another date on New Year’s Day. The house band is Supernova’s opening act. Not bad.

Magni is up next, the Iceman Cometh. He picks The Beatles “Back in the USSR” and well, it’s not bad but not my fave Magni performance by far. He just seems uncomfortable with the track. His original is called “When the Time Comes” and it’s a rockin’ tune, I have to say that I like it. Still not the big Magni fan, but his original song was good, it would have been better with someone else singing it.

Dave liked both performances, Tommy thought that both of the songs sounded the same and Magni had a little zinger to throw back, saying “Umm, they were both sung by me”. Tommy took it well. Gilby did agree that since he was doing an original, he should have taken his performance up a level.

Storm hits the stage next doing “Suffragete City” by Bowie with Dave Navarro on guitar. He wanted to come and rock that song with her. She rocked that song, but her Dramarama performance either. Her original “What the What is Ladylike” was really great but not really a Supernova song either but that didn’t stop Tommy rockin’ hard to it. Dave said that being on stage with her was great and he liked her original song also. Tommy and Gilby loved her original and said her performances were great.

Lukas is kickin’ a stripped down version of “Livin’ on a Prayer” but damn, freak, what are you doing?! I love him, I do, I love his voice but he should have kicked that song into high gear. That could be a fatal mistake for him at this point in the competition. His original is called “Headspin” and yet again, it needed to kick and it didn’t. My poor Lukas might be going back to Canada. Dave thought it was good that he showed two sides to himself. Gilby said that he gets inspired by watching him perform. Wow.

Toby doing “Mr. Brightside” wasn’t bad. He’s got a bland voice for that bland song. If Toby takes this whole thing, I won’t be buying any Supernova tickets or CD’s. The chicks dig him though but I don’t see why. His original “Throw it all Away” was rather punkish and not really thrilling me. He’s got to stop with the stage gimmicks, running the crowd and mugging for the camera. Tommy creeped up behind him and grabbed his ass… what was that about?! Dave said that his original was instantly memorable, which is true. Tommy , Gilby and Jason all said he’s a performer.

The first few minutes of voting gave us, Toby, Lukas, Magni, Storm and Dilana in that order. We all know those positions will flip flop quite a lot over the next few hours and tomorrow, we can find out who will be in next weeks finale.

Rock Star: Supernova Results Show 8.30.06

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

I was really anxious to see this results show tonight. I’m catching a cold, feeling crappy but the thought of hanging out in my bed and watching was something to look forward to today.

The Supernova song, “It’s On” was given to Lukas, my freak. From the first notes, it was better than the Hey Ho song from last week. That thing was a train wreck. Lukas rocked it out, he didn’t constrict his voice and he played it up to the audience. So, I’m sure that Jason’s happy with that performance. One thing I did notice is that Jason is wearing that Voivod shirt AGAIN. Doesn’t he have enough money to buy more shirts?!

Toby was handed the encore, but hearing him do a bad Billy Idol impression was enough the first time around. At least he’s dressed better tonight, those hanging suspenders last night were just a touch too much.

In the bottom 5, is everyone but Magni, which shocks me a little. Now it’s getting tougher. Ryan is the first one in the bottom 3, and he does “Baba O’ Riley”. It’s not bad, but that screech of his is on my last nerve. He sprays a bottle of champagne, WTF? Then he’s on the stacks? He’s trying hard to be the crazy man but it’s so contrived. He pretty much just screams the whole song, no key, no pitch, just screams. Not real impressed. Hopefully Supernova won’t be either. He needs to go back to his piano, write emo ballads and call it a day.

Storm is the next in the bottom 3, and she’s just fine with singing again. She’s going to do the Beatles, “Helter Skelter”. She’s screeching too, is it screech night? Are the mics set funny? What is the malfunction tonight? She hops in the crowd and tries to get the crowd to mosh. If they would have actually done it, it would have be great. Then she hops up with Supernova, and falls into Tommy’s lap, and you know he loved it. She wraps up her song with a little crowd surfing. All in all not to shabby but, not her best by far.

The last of the bottom 3 shocks my world. Dilana?! WTF? But her and Lukas were enough to give me stroke. She does Talking Heads “Psycho Killer”, not really feeling this one. Her arrangement is rather weird. But I would be shocked if they sent her home. As Gilby told her, she has earned credit with them for all her previous kick ass performances.

Of course, the Hatchetman has to do his task and he chops Ryan. Not really surprised but I was thinking how much they like him and how much Storm hasn’t been up to snuff lately. The hatchet could have fallen on Storm, so she had better step up her game from here on out.

Next week, Dilana, Toby, Magni, Storm and Lukas had better bring their A games. I’ll see ya then.

Rock Star: Supernova 8.29.06

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

They started off with the recap from last week, and focused on Dilana’s bad comments. They showed the afterwards and how feelings were hurt, how badly she felt and what comes next for her. She had a tantrum outside by throwing the glass and a shard of it, flew up and hit Magni. His head was cut, but not badly. She was a mess though and so upset. All she wants to do is fix things for herself, hopefully it all goes away. Dave asks her about how she’s feeling going into tonights show, and she comes back strong and says she’s back, stronger than ever.

The fans consistently went with the Wild Card picks, which is wonderful. It will be at least something we’ve not heard before from each of them.

Lukas is up first and does “Lithium” by Nirvana which was the song that Dilana kicked at the beginning. He puts his style on it and totally goes face to face with the audience, which sends Jason over the moon. No back to the crowd tonight. The panel all loved his performance, Gilby even said it was the best so far. Jason had praise about his voice and his presence.

Magni doing “I Alone” by Live, wow, this might be okay. Ryan did it first, and he did it very well. Magni was joking in the footage about campaigning to have folks vote for him, even though he’s from another country. Nice to see a light side to Magni. Magni didn’t do badly, I was impressed. The really retarded little singing to the panel in their faces is always a little icky to me. Of course, the panel loves Magni so it was thumbs up all the way.

Ryan is up next and hits the piano to do “Clocks” by Coldplay. Done before by Magni, so I suppose they just swapped tonight. But then kicks bad the stool and hops on his piano. Damn I hate to say, he’s not bad lately. Even though he scowls too much and looks like a ruffie slippin’ date rapist. He slides across the piano for a little tickling of the ivories, then hops on it again. The piano is now a cheap prop. Ugh. Dave liked it, but Jason said that once he gets out from behind the piano, he loses the plot. Hmmm.

Storm is doing Evanescence, “Bring Me To Life” done by Jill and Zayra. I think she can totally kick it. She’s having Toby help on background vocals. But the first notes were not very good. Once it got uptempo, it was WAY better. And Toby did a great job of screaming behind her. Dave said even though she’s got a deeper register than Amy Lee, she pulled it off. Gilby didn’t like it, but Jason said that effort counts for everything.

Toby does Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” first totally kicked by Lukas so of course it’s already crap in my book. But he does the best gimmick so far and pulls chicks on the stage with him. The panel goes nutso of course. Blah, ick, not into him whatsoever. It wasn’t the best performance by him but passable.

Dilana wraps up the show and does “Mother Mother” by Tracy Bonham. A song that was first done by Jill and she does it way better. It’s a darker version but she at least gets the screams and the intensity right. Dave says that it had to be his favorite performance of both seasons. Gilby, Tommy and Jason all loved it. It was a great way to end the show, with a song of power, with them all moving past the bad vibes.

Going home tomorrow, with my terrible track record…. Hopefully Toby, but…. Ryan perhaps.

We shall see…. Be back tomorrow.

Rock Star: Supernova Results Show 8.23.06

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

A little tension in the house between Dilana and Ryan comes to a head on stage. Ugh, no more drama, that’s what I watch America’s Next Top Model for.

Tonight they are going to perform another original song, with Toby as the vocalist. I’m SO not a Toby fan, can I say that enough? I just don’t get him, I don’t see why he’s made it this far. Hey Hey Hey, Ho Ho Ho? Not great.

They had a media little test, and Dilana my girl flunked. Wow, she dogged everyone in the interviews, it was rather nutty. It was sort low rent to me. I love her, she’s a great singer but obviously needs some people skills.

The bottom four were Storm, Patrice, Toby and Magni. The first to stay in the bottom three was Magni and he does Hendrix’ “Fire”. Odd choice I thought, but it wasn’t that bad. I have to give props where they are due, and Magni didn’t do too bad. Of course, there are like 4 sentences in the whole song, but still. I think Magni is safe tonight.

The second one to perform is Patrice. I think this is her final night, there’s just a hole that she can’t get out of. She’s doing “Middle of the Road” by The Pretenders. Not an easy song to sing, and extra hard for her. She’s totally out there. Her whole song was rather monotone. Is that a cold sore on her lip?! After her song is over, she’s standing next to Magni and he calls her bloody lip to her attention. He holds up his sleeve for her to blot the blood on it. Hmm, gentleman or fool?

Rounding out the bottom three is Toby. He does “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots, ho hum. I was hoping for something awesome. He’s just so bland, I can’t bear to watch half the time when he performs. His song tonight wasn’t that bad, but he’s no Scott Weiland, that’s for sure.

Sadly, The Hatchet Man cometh. And he cometh for Patrice. She’s the 9th one to hit the bricks. Totally expecting that one tonight, it wasn’t much of a shock. Like Tommy said, it was her 4th week in the bottom three so, that was time enough, I think. But, on a positive note, it wasn’t a herpe on her lip…. she just must have bit her lip or something.

Next week is viewer’s choice week, but I was sadly disappointed since I wanted to be able to pick the song. Instead it’s just radio buttons and you chose between four selections. Hmph. I wanted Lukas to sing “Mercy Seat”….. So, until next week….

Rock Star: Supernova 8.22.06

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

First thing they show is the folks at the house, wanting to do an original song this week. There are two that will be showcased. Storm wants one, but finally gives in yet again and does the song that no one wants. Hopefully it will work to her advantage this week. Dilana however, pulled a Toby by running naked around the pool for the track “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. Odd song choice for her but, I’m sure she’ll make it work.

Performing one of the original songs this week, is Patrice with “Beautiful Thing”. I hate to say it, but I didn’t hate it. It wasn’t all that bad for her. I suppose since she wrote it herself, it suited her voice better than some of the songs she’s picked in the past. She might not get the boot this week. Tommy said it was a bit ‘happy’ for them, but that they could tune it down and rock it out,then it might work for Supernova.

Magni does “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Oy, ick. I hated this song when it first came out, and I hate it still. The incoherent mumblings of Kurt Cobain never did much for me and the incoherent mumblings of an Icelandic bald man aren’t workin’ either. (And all you Nirvana fans, don’t write me hate mail, I make no apologies for my opinion) I just don’t see the fascination with Magni. Dave says he can sing…. are we hearing the same thing? Tommy thinks he should have played guitar on that track, but then smashed it. Navarro pipes in that before the season is over, he’d like to see something get broken. Well, Davieboy, now you’ve pretty much scripted that someone will smash something, and then gaze at the panel searching for paternal approval.

Ryan, the scowler, is up doing an original song, “Back of Your Car”. Again, I hate to say that I don’t hate it. But ….he’s still not Supernova. Wow, his song is all about doing the deed in the back of a car while the world is ending. He’s playing guitar, if you wanna call it that. He’s thrashing that thing wildly, as if he’s got a cramp. Ryan screeches a little at the end of the song, of course, right after he throws his guitar under the advise of one Tommy Lee. They are all amazed at Ryan finally rockin’ out. He says that he got laid, that’s the reason for the change. Tommy said that this is the most comfortable he’s been on stage, and Gilby says it’s his best performance yet.

Storm is up, doing the song she chose but still feared. I am a Storm fan, I can’t help it. She’s a tough rock chick with a nice voice. She totally kicks this Aerosmith songs ass and then some. Tommy sings along, Gilby just bobs his end in time. Dave says it was 1000 times better than last week. Gilby says that he knows she can sing any song thrown at her but he wants memorable. Jason says she made it her own.

Dilana does “Every Breath You Take” …WTF? What is she thinking? It’s a stalker ballad! Of course, my baby girl kicks it, but still,she should have chosen something harder. Her eyelashes are driving me crazy as I watch her though, of course Navarro likes them. But they all tell her how great she is and how great she always is. She sang it for her Mom who she hasn’t talked to in years,it was her favorite song.

Toby does his own arrangement of Layla by Clapton. The arrangement was really good, I have to admit, it worked for sure. It suited Toby’s voice, but he’s still not fave of mine. I find him more annoying than anything else. Toby strips of his hoodie, runs over to the other contestants and they all chant Layla. Nice move, AussieMan. WTF is the “EVS” written on his chest? Turns out it’s a slang phrase from Melbourne…’evs’ as in Whatever. Damn it, Tommy had to break out the Crocodile Dundee shit again. Gilby didn’t like the arrangement but said the performance made up for it.

They bring up the rear with my hot little freak, Lukas. He does “All These Things That I’ve Done” by the Killers. Damn I love this little freak. He’s just so….. odd. His performance I thought was a bit bland tonight, not his usually high energy stuff, it was still alright. Jason makes the face…. so, I’m sure the constricting voice comment is coming. Dave says it was unbelievable, Tommy says “Check Please”, Gilby questions why he turns his back to the audience, and surprisingly, ….no voice comment from Jason. He just says it was killer with good energy.

The bottom three at the end of the show were Patrice, Storm and Toby. I agree with two of them, that’s for sure. We get to vote for song choices, wow, I have some good ideas. I’d LOVE to hear Lukas sing Nick Cave’s “Mercy Seat”. I think that would be amazing.

Well time to hit the site to vote…. See ya here tomorrow.

Rock Star: Supernova Results Show 8.16.06

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

After the mandatory shots from the house last night, Gilby announces that there is lots of talent from the pool, and Supernova has been sitting on their asses too long. They are saying that from here on out, they will play with one of them each week doing an original song. So, Supernova takes the stage for the first week with my girl, Dilana. She, of course, is awesome but what is up with the stripper dancers? Obviously a touch from Tommy.

The encore went tonight to Ryan, with the Phil Collin’s tune. I just don’t see what they like about him and his fake scowl. He’s not that great of a singer, and he’s just weird to watch on stage.

Those who were at one point in the bottom three were Zayra, Patrice, Toby, Magni and Storm. After all the voting is over and the first of the bottom three was Zayra, and she sang first with Blue October’s Razorblade. Ummm. Okay. What can I say? She’s just.very.very.weird. She twitches about oddly, like Celine Dion’s chest pounding multiplied by 100. I just don’t “get” her. I’ve not been a fan of hers from the first show, and I won’t be long after she leaves and grabs her little brass ring with the Latin market. If you knew how much I loathe Celine….then you’d know how much I loathe Zayra.

The next in the bottom three is Patrice. I can’t really be surprised by this, her vocals have been on a fast decline. She’s doing Celebrity Skin by Hole and from the first note out her mouth, she tanks. None of the panel looks too impressed with her performance either. My favorite is the look on Jason’s face. Pensive with a dash of repulsion. She takes a stroll to the panel and starts to squeal and screech the lyrics right in front of them. Things aren’t looking too good for ole’ Patty.

The last one risking the Hatchetman tonight is Magni. He’s not all that great, but bottom three? He pulls of Creep by Radiohead but I hate repeats. And Patrice and Magni both hit repeat tunes tonight. Are there not enough awesome rockin’ songs out there to NOT ride on someone elses? After Lukas doing Creep earlier on, Magni’s is just boring and bland. He doesn’t even ROCK it, he just wanders around and sings poorly. He isn’t even close to intensity as Lukas. And seriously, I’m not just saying that I’ve put Lukas on my “list”. (Damn I love that freak) There’s just nothing special or different about Magni. I’m sure there are hundreds of bar bands with singers just as good as him. The sad little clown sitting on the stage act was so worn.

The panel says that Zayra took a huge risk by doing the original and the Blue October song. They say that the audience keeps putting Patrice in the bottom three and they have to consider that. Of course, they do, who’s going to buy their records if John Q. Public doesn’t like your singer? Magni is sent back, so it’s down to Patty or Z. Honestly, I’d be thrilled if they sent them both packing. It’s time to weed the dead stems. But the Hatchetman lets it fall on Zayra. Finally, after all these weeks of suffering, they’ve decided to shoot the lame dog.

Next week, hopefully it’s all kicked up some, with the addition of the Supernova song. I’ll be here, of course, same place, same time.

Rock Star: Supernova 8.15.06

Thursday, August 17th, 2006

They are doing an acoustic show tonight, so this is going to really show their voices more than these last weeks. Zayra and Ryan were the only 2 that wanted the original song.

Zayra’s original song went first, singing in spanish of course. I have to say, this is the ONLY performance of hers that I didn’t want to throw up during. It was a serious song, it wasn’t her usual comic stylings. They did like her song, but they are wondering at this point if she’s right for their band. She’s not, it’s about time she realizes, she and Paulina Rubio can go at it for the Latin Grammy.

Magni- David Bowie’s Starman, a great song,and actually not too bad from the Iceman. The white suit…. umm, wha? Of course the panel is pro Magni..

Patrice – Message in a Bottle from the Police. Oh man, Patrice, I liked you the first week, but this is just enough. It was offkey, the wrong pitch, but they told her she sang well! They did say that her performance was lacking ….yeah, it was. Then Dave gives her the little Daddy treatment, he spanked her and then kissed her forehead. Oy.

Lukas- Hero by Chad Kroger Lukas, in a chair, with a guitar, leg crossed, just lounging. It was awesome. It didn’t get more intimate than that…. he was right up with the crowd, they were all singing along and swaying. I love him twice as much as I did last week. And…the crowd goes wild.

And…the panel liked it, Tommy said he didn’t like it when someone sits down, and Jason talked about him closing off his voice.

Storm – I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor. Yes, a disco song, but believe me, it wasn’t disco at all. She was amazing. She did more of the Cake version, but a little funkier. At the end it was just her, and it was gorgeous. She just really rocks everything she sings, I still think…. she’ll be one the last three. None of them liked it!!! Crazy, she still has a great voice.

Toby -Solsbury Hill – Peter Gabriel . Gilby played guitar and again, a bland Toby performance. The bongos….? This is a total WTF night all together. They all loved it, much to my dismay.

Ryan – In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins. Yeah, ummm wha? See, it’s just a WTF night. Ryan needs to stop looking mad all the time. He constantly looks like he wants to jump off stage and kick someones ass. And the vocals were rather icky, and yet Dave says the best performance of the night? And they all loved it? Man. I’m in the wrong business.

Dilana – Cats in the Cradle- Harry Chapin. What a way to wrap it up. She just as that…something in her voice. It’s gruff, sexy but full of power. It’s the real deal. Dave took back his compliment to the date rape guy too, said Dilana was now the best of the night.

Can’t wait for tomorrow……