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Amazing Race – Week 7- 10.29.06

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

First stop this leg, is Mauritius. What a gorgeous stop! What I love the most is how each time has pronounced it wrong! Haha, a little geography perhaps folks?

The Billies leave first since they came in first. Booketing? What the hell is Booketing?!

Of course, they all end up on the one and only flight together. The Beauty Queens are just being horribly bitchy to the Bamas, and man I love that. I think that any moment their heads will explode! They try to get The Addicts tickets to be sure that they get on the flight. But hey, we all knew that they would all be on the same flight, they always do.

They get to the island of Mauritus, find their cars, and then get to Grand Baie. They then have to swim to the boat and retrieve the next clue. Which one of these teams is going to freak because of the swim? Well, that would be the Billies! She’s scared of fish and he was tossed in a lake as a kid. Love it. Somehow The Addicts get lost and are in last place. The Chos get their clue, make it to the other side and then wait for the rest of the “Six Pack”. The Addicts make some fast ass swim time and still somehow get lost! They always do somehow.

Off the Case Noyale to get the next clue from the Post Office. Rob and Kimberly, of course, have troubles and drama. He can’t get the car in gear so he starts yelling at her. She yells back and stomps off like a 10 year old. They push the car off the road, so they wait for a new one to come. The Beauty Queens get in a little fender bender and still make it to the Post Office first. They get the Detour. This legs Detour is Salt or Sea. In Salt, they have to drive themselves 2 miles to the salt pit. They have to find a saltshaker that contains their next clue hidden in 3 mounds of salt. In Sea, they have to drive to a nearby dock, pick a Captain and go to an island. They have to find the ships mast and attach it. Then go back to get their next clue.

The B Queens take Sea, and the others take Salt. I love that no matter what happens, Rob and Kimberly always gripe at each other! They swap, and head for the Sea. Then The Addicts also switch and go for the Sea task. Then the Bama girls and The Chos switch. Then the Billies start bitching at each other over it. Which of course, I love. I love when the teams tear into each other. They do end up heading for the Sea task in last place.

The Beauty Queens head to the first Pitstop named Chateau Bel Ombre. Then Rob and Kimberly and then The Addicts. I really want The Addicts to place in the top 3. I didn’t pick them in my game, but… still. I like them. I swear if they get lost, I’m gonna have a hissy. Thank goodness they didn’t get lost. And I’m hoping that the Bama Girls get the boot. They are some bad karma.

1. The Beauty Queens
2. The Addicts
3. Rob and Kimberly
4. The Chos
5. The Bama Bitches
6. The Billies

But they lucked out again, it’s the non-elimination round. I can’t believe they did it so close together.

What is the Intersection that Phil speaks of? Well, next week….we shall see.

Amazing Race – Week 6- 10.22.06

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

This show is getting more and more intense as it goes…. this week, I’m sitting here with butterflies waiting for someone to get across the mat first.

They are on the way to Kuwait City this week. The places they are visiting this season are at least becoming more interesting. They all seem to have the same flight, so where is the big race in that? Haha. I hate it when they do that.

The Cho’s bluffed their asses off so that the Billies could get the Fast Forward. I now love them over and over. I think that I want to have their babies. That’s an amazing thing to do on a race like this. They put themselves in risk to help the Billies, since they will get a 30 minute penalty if they don’t make it to the pitstop first. They do the Fast Forward and promptly make it first, so the battle is now for second place. The Billies made it first, and won a trip for 2 to Jamaica. I think it’s kickin’ that they thanked the Cho’s and gave them the credit for them being first. Very cool on their part that they paid respect to them. I think that they are one of the few shiesty teams on this race. Peter being the worst of the bunch.

The rest of the teams do the first task of the day and all have to climb up and over the dome on the Kuwait City Towers to retrieve a satchel full of puzzle pieces. They take it to the ground, assemble the puzzle with the additional pieces that are in a trunk and head off to the next stop. They all seem to be a little puzzled by it. (All puns intended!) They get the next clue and dash off to the Roadblock.

The task this week, is Manual or Automatic. If they chose Manual they have to fill up 10 bags of camel feed and tote them to a pallet. Sounds easy enough, but damn it’s hot, and these bags are heavy. If they chose Automatic, then they are going to use a robotic jockey to drive a camel. The Cho’s, Rob and Kimberly (he looks just like John LeGuiziamo to me), The Beauty Queens got the Manual done and over with. Peter and Sarah drove around for hours looking for the Camel Club for the Automatic, as did The Addicts. That’s another team I like, they aren’t backstabbing underhanded jerks. But doing the Automatic task was Peter and Sarah, the Addicts and the Divas.

The end result of tonight’s show was:

1. The Billies
2. The Beauty Queens
3. Rob and Kimberly
4. The Divas
5. The Cho’s
6. The Addicts

Last and eliminated were Peter and Sarah. I’m glad for that, because I hate him. I think if I had to watch him for one more week, I’d have thrown something through my TV. Karma is a bitch, Peter, think of that next time you try to screw over someone.

Next week, The Beauty Queens crack up a car….can’t wait for that!

Amazing Race 10-Episode 4

Monday, October 9th, 2006

First off are the Bros, leaving to Hanoi. They came in first, so they leave first.

The Addict Models are 2nd on the way. Then out are Rob and Kimberly, I swear, I wanna smack them both.

Peter and Sarah are ready to implode. Sarah has seen him how he really is, and she’s a little wary of him. Hopefully there will be a good meltdown on national TV.

The B Queens get to the first spot, the gardens in Hanoi and they are standing there, listening to crickets, thinking that’s the clue. Haha, dumbasses. They do however, all listen to the clue and then a few get smart, and yank out the taxi drivers and make them listen to the speakers. A bit amusing considering they are speaking in broken English. The clue is for them to taxi to one spot, take a bus to another and then go to the Hydrofoil Harbor. They all hear the clue and then head out in a cluster. The best part is when Rob and Kim get out of a taxi all pissed at the driver. They get another cab and this one is worse. He can’t understand any English at all, and then he can’t even understand Vietnamese! The blown gasket in Rob’s head is becoming abundantly clear here. I can’t wait for him to just go off! Hopefully, he’ll be the first player to get arrested mid race! There always has to be at least one volatile team and I live for it.

Of course, the Billies have made friends every where they have gone. Mary is in the taxi telling the driver how she loves him…and David is saying “Well, we ain’t takin’ him home”. At the Roadblock, the Billies were in 1st place, I’m sure that’s short lived.

The Roadblock consists of them using ascenders to climb up the face of a rock wall. Upper body strength, hands down are the Bros. I mean, hell look at those guns! My favorite is the fact that Peter is constantly having Sarah do all the hard work and she laps it up like a starving kitten. She sits at the rock, waiting her turn and crying. Then he tells her to “pull the handicap placard out and tell them that you are next in line” I mean, holy sh*t…. What a moron. You just know after she does it horribly, he’s gonna smack her around when the cameras are off.

When they finish the Roadblock, they have to travel via boat to a cave where they find the next clue. Rob and Kimberly make it there first and get the clue and it reveals a Detour. They have to do one of the jobs that is vital to the economy in Vietman. This one is called “Over and Under”. Over, they have to ride a boat to a buoy, then row to a supply boat, get fruit, row it to an address for delivery, then row back to the supply boat and give the signed invoice to the Captain who gives them their next clue. In Under, they ride a boat to the buoy, the row a smaller boat to an oyster farm where they harvest 30 basket and take them to the pearl farmer who gives them the next clue. Wow, both seem like a whole lot of arm strength again!

Rob and Kimberly ( the Psychos) chose Under. So they get in the boat, she’s trying to help and he’s knocking her all over the place. Her stock phrase has been “DO not freak out on me”. But, hell, if he didn’t would we all be so intent on watching him? Hellzno. They get to the buoy and of course, they freak the hell out again at each other. She’s gritting her teeth and yelling at him. I LOVE IT. She’s getting all the baskets because he’s too retarded. (Well, or for some reason…) David and Mary AND TNT were all drama over the rowing. It’s great. The Addicts were just rowing fools. Peter is a jerk as always. Sarah asked what can she do it help, and he basically tells her to shut up that he doesn’t need encouragement, he just needs directions. Peter is just losing his shit, almost tipping the boat, yelling at her, yelling at TNT. The Addicts are good, just rowed, got the baskets. The Queens, well, that was some great drama as always. Crying…whining…it makes for good TV. They were so proud of each others accomplishments this episode, it was nice to see.

They then row to another boat, which they takes them 9 miles to Soi Sim Island. The last one there could be eliminated. The Beauty Queens just rowed and rowed then realized they weren’t supposed to row to get Phil. They got the drift that they had to row to the boat and then see Phil.

The teams came to Phil in this order-

The Psychos
Peter and Sarah
The Addicts
The Bros
The Billies
The Divas
The Beauty Queens

And eliminated tonight -TNT …The Queens

My favorite line from the whole show so far is from Terry, he says “As long as there’s a Starbucks nearby, I could live here”. I agree, baby, I totally agree.