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Amazing Race 10- Week 11- 11.26.06

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

Teams have to leave Kiev and travel over 3000 miles to Quarazazate, Morocco. This is going to be one amazing show tonight. First thing they have to drive to an antique store, Antiquities Du Sud and choose one of the good luck charms. One of them will bring ‘good fortune’ at the pitstop.

The Blondes get a flight from Kiev to Milan to Casablanca but then do not make their connection so they have to find another flight. The rest of the teams get on the same flight from Kiev to Paris to Casablanca. But all are on the same flight from Casablanca to Quarazazate. I hate it when they do that. How much of a race is it really when you all get on the same flight!

They are all on the way to Quarazazate at the same time. But Lyn and Karlyn got a map in Paris and found their way to the Casbah area and made it to Antiquities Du Sud first.

Once they all get their good luck pieces they have to go to Atlas Studios, an old movie studio in the desert. Cleopatra and Gladiator were filmed on this backlot. The Yield is located here also, so I think this is where the Bamas take out all their frustrations. The best part is when the Bamas passed the other 3 teams, after getting their charm and they where on the way to the studios. The mob scene in the previews for the show was a waste! There was no danger there, it was just a gaggle of people walking around and one of them got in the car with the B Queens to show them where the antiques store is. They make it last to the store for their necklace and now they are sweating knowing that the Bamas are going to yield their asses! But when they make it to the studios, they don’t open until 8am, so they all catch up. I HATE that!

At 8am, at the studio gates, they open the door and they all bolt in like their asses are on fire. And I suppose, in a sense they are. The Addicts and Rob and Kim yield no one, but the B Queen yielded the Bamas. Damn …why couldn’t those Bamas run faster!

The Roadblock this time is Race Chariots. One has to get in the buggy and be pulled around like a chariot race. They have to pull down 2 flags the same color as the plume on their horse. They then get the next clue. Dustin and Rob get both flags and James is still working on the second. But the yield isn’t even over. The Bamas hit that race running, got the flags fast and then got on the road.

Once they are all done, they have to drive to the town on Idelssan where have to find the Cafe La Pirgola to get their next clue. Rob and Kimberly got a flat, more with the bad car karma.

The next clue is a Detour “Throw It” or “Grind It”. In Throw It, the teams will have to go to a pottery shop and make 2 pots. Once the artisian approves their pots, they get the next clue. This is going to be a hard one, throwing clay is NOT easy. In Grind It, they grind 77 pounds of olives and fill a pressing sleeves to get their next clue. The Addicts, The Bamas and The B Queens all do grind it. Rob and Kimberly are still back with a flat tire. But miraculously, they get there, the B Queens pass the place and end up the last time there. Since there are only 3 stations to grind olives, they are outta luck. They yielded Bama and they still beat them there.

They now drive to the pitstop in a Berber camp in the middle of the desert. On the road to Marrakesh The only way they get there, is by seeing a boulder! Surprisingly no one got lost and they all made it to the pitstop without too much trouble but lots of nailbiting goodness.

The teams fall in as follows:

1. The Addicts
2. The Bamas
3. Rob and Kimberly

and Last- The B Queens. But their asses are safe, it was a non-elimination week! Darn it.

Next week, the previews look pretty tasty. The Bamas have to eat something gross and Kim get pelted with apples. Love it. See ya then.

Amazing Race 10- Week 10- 11.19.06

Monday, November 20th, 2006

At the continuation of this race the teams must now go to Kiev the site of Chernobyl.

With The Addicts in first place, they are pissed that they suddenly are going to be with the rest of the pack since the flight to Kiev starts them all over again. So much for the big lead they worked for.

They get to the airport, The Addicts and the B Queens get on a flight via Vienna and everyone else got on a flight via Warsaw but all arrive at 1:35 so, again, they are all on the same page.

The Warsaw flight gets delayed so the Addicts and B Queens get a slight lead. They have to head to the Oster Tank School so that they can drive some tanks! It’s a road block also, so one of them has to do the challenge and get the clue at the end of the course. Of course on the way there, the Cho’s can’t seem to handle it and get lost. The Bama’s are with them, so they lose ground also.

James and Dustin are neck and neck when James stalls out the tank yet again. The other teams haven’t even made it to the school. Rob and Kimberly are yet again at each other’s throats.

Finally they all complete the tank task and head off for the next clue. The Addicts and B Queens are far ahead of the other teams, Rob and Kim in the middle and the Chos and Bamas last. Someone HAS to get car trouble because I swear it’s the law. Rob and Kimberly get the short end of the stick this week. But somehow manage to stay in 3rd place. The Bamas and Chos are last but now they take off and leave the Chos on their own.

They have to head to the city of Kiev and find an apartment to get the next clue from some babushka lady. No big story there other than the lady is scary lookin.

The Detour is “Make Music or Find Music” They have to either go to the Dance and Groove Studio Bar and be rappers in a karaoke bar and sing about each of their countries or the National Music Academy and dress like conductors and find a piece of music, then find the pianist to play it. The B Queens chose the rappin’ karaoke and holy smokes they are stupid. The Chos and Addicts find the music and the rest to the make the music. The Chos however get the big boot because they drive on a closed street and have to show all their papers to the cops. It’s nightfall before they make it to see Phil and they get their walking papers.

The Great Patriotic War Memorial is the pitstop for this race.

1. The Addicts
2. The B Queens
3. Rob and Kimberly
4. The Bamas

Eliminated – The Chos – Finally, it’s true- the nice guys DO finish last.

Next week there is a Yield in Morrocco. I have to say, I think the B Queens are going to get a Bama Smackdown.

Amazing Race 10- Week 9- 11.12.06

Monday, November 13th, 2006

The first thing in this episode that kills me, is the B Queens saying “Finland? Isn’t that where they have wooden shoes?” Holy brain surgeons, Batman! If this whole hour is like this, we have a winner on our hands.

The flight arrangements are a little bizarre this time around. They all get tickets provided but they can finagle something else at the airport. Ummm, okay? Whatever. They get to the airport and all decide to follow the B Queens who’ve managed to get a flight to Johannesburg, to Frankfurt, to Ethopia then on to Helsinki. Talk about direct route..haha.

The Bama’s are pissed that the B Queens are cute..saying that they have a disadvantage because of their looks…haha, dur.

They land in Helsinki and have to race for a cafe where they will read an email for a clue. In their emails they all had messages from their families who told them they must get their next clue from the owner of the cafe Kapelli, where they are. Everyone is quite pleased to hear and see their families but the Bama’s, they are bawling because they miss their kids. In that clue they are told that they must travel over 125 miles by train and taxi to the school named, Soppeenhardjun Koulu. Wow, at least Phil can say it. They had to search the grounds of the school to find their next clue. They all scrounge cabs to make it to the school but the Chos, who are too polite, end up losing out on a cab and make it dead last to the school. And the Cho Quote of the night.. “Being polite sucks sometimes”…Hence the name of the episode.

At the school, they all get the detour. Swamp This- Where they strap on Cross Country skis and have to ‘ski’ over a one mile course of mud. Or Swamp That – Where they have to go through an obstacle course in the mud, they have to jump, crawl and carry each other. The B Queens and Bama’s take the skiing and everyone else takes the obstacle course. It’s quite brilliant to see them all covered in mud.

They then head to Turku by train 140 miles, then they drive themselves 70 miles to Lohja. Once there, they go into a limestone mine to get their next clue. The Addicts and the B Queens get on the first train to Turku and the other teams get on later trains. The Addicts gets to the mine first, B Queens second. They have to travel in the mine to get to the roadblock, which is them, on a bike, going one mile underground to a marked stand. They have to retrieve a chunk of limestone, bring it back up, then use special tools to break it up and get the clue inside. Once they do, they head to the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki for the pitstop.

The Addicts and B Queens make it out of the mine first, and are on their way to the stadium. But the Addicts are wandering around inside the stadium and they walked right by the door they should have gone into and it had a flag on it. I love it. They finally get in there and find another box where they have to make it up to the top of the tower and rappel down, face first.

Then we find out….it’s a continuation show! ARGH! So, this leg of the race isn’t over……

So, until next week…..

Amazing Race 10-Week 8- 11.5.06

Monday, November 6th, 2006

They all leave the island of Mauritius and head to Madagascar.

Tyler and James already look a little worse for wear and the stress is showing between them. They’ve made an alliance with Rob and Kimberly because they feel that they have no other choice. Lord knows the Addicts can’t seem to work a map.

The Six Pack is also busting up a little, The Billies are still innocent and believing while the Bama Girls have decided that they are the smartest ones in the pack. Whatever….I hope they go packing just from attitude alone. The Billies are just ….. goofy.

They all make it to Madagascar, the Billies in the lead and head off to the Black Angel which is a landmark that they have find. Rob and Kimberly, driving through town, are discussing how these people die early because they breath in exhaust fumes and they don’t eat enough protein so they have underdeveloped brains. Nice, huh? He’s the man I wanna bring home to my momma….

We hit the first ever, Intersection. 2 teams must join up until further notice, great huh? So, Rob and Kimberly and the Addicts will merge until further notice. They run into the Fast Forward and they must go to the downtown market and eat cow lips. How damn gross, but hey… I wanna see them do it!

The Beauty Queens make it to the Intersection and wait for the next team to come for their new buddies. The Bama Girls and the Billies team up and hit for the Fast Forward. That least the Beauty Queens and The Cho Bros. Hopefully, the Cho Bros will just get on the stick and make something happen. But does that stop the B Queens to make some retarded racist remark.

The Detour is Long Sleep or Short Letter. In Long Sleep, teams have to make their way to the market, find the mattress vendor, cover 8 foam mattresses with material to finally deliver them about one mile away through the windy alleys of the town. In Short Letter must travel 3.5 miles to make paper. They have to make and decorate 28 sheets of pretty paper.

The Billies and Bama Girls argue over doing the Fast Forward, the Billies want to, obviously, but the Bama Girls say to just to the for sure thing. And frankly it’s … smart. Over at the Fast Forward they are all freaking out…haha….except for Tyler. He’s all..”hey, eat it..whatever..just eyes on the prize” and he’s chowing like they are Big Macs. The other ones are gagging and barely choking them down. It’s brilliant. I’d like to see Kimberly just puke everywhere. They are all patting him on the back. “He can’t swim but he can eat cow lips”. I love it.

The B Queens and the The Cho Bros made short work of it. They are toting them one mile, they get a little lost. They get the next clue and they are separated. They have to get 4 miles to some LONG assed name place…Totorathaboato LKJMFOSIDJFSJDNFSDJFNSKDHF. They get their next clue there.

Back at the Fast Forward, Kim is still having a hard time with the lips, she actually yakked. So, it’s great….they needed more drama surrounding those lips! It gets to the point that Rob is cutting up her hunk of lips.

The damn cursed Chos have gotten in another broken car! But that didn’t seem to slow them up too much. Thank God. I love me some Chos.

The B Queens hit the second clue first, and run into a Road Block. They have to find rubber stamps while their teammate has gone to the Pit Stop ahead. The Chos get to it shortly after and Godwin is off to hunt for stamps. The one B Queen rips it up, gets the stamps and head out.

Still at the cow lips, Kimberly has another attack of the hurl. The people behind them are cheering them on, and Kimberly is the only one left to finish the lips. But damn, she kicked ass and did the lips. They are on their way to Cathedral Andahalo to the Pit Stop.

The Billies and Bama Girls finally make it to the stamps, one of them is obviously going home. No sweat of my nose on either of them, that’s for sure.

They all make it to the mat, and the Billies have the 30 minutes to wait but the Bama Girls make it across the mat while they had 20 minutes left.

Across the mat –

1. Beauty Queens
2. The Addicts
3. Rob and Kimberly
4. The Cho Bros
5. Bama Girls
6. David and Mary – Last and Eliminated